Florida now tops the list for the most expensive auto insurance rates in the country

Auto Insurance - Welcome to Florida Sign

According to a new Coverage.com study, Floridian drivers pay the most in the US for policies. Florida motorists are now the drivers who pay the most for their auto insurance policies every year, according to a recent study. Residents in the state pay an average of $2,600 per year for a year of coverage, more than any other state. Comparatively, the state with the most affordable auto insurance was Maine, where the average driver paid $831 per year. Based on data from The Zebra, an independent comparison website for insurers…

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The Most Important Things To Know About High Value Homeowners Insurance

Homeowner's Insurance

While a standard home insurance policy may provide a passable level of protection, high value homeowners may struggle to enjoy the proper peace of mind. The additional coverage that high value homeowners insurance has to offer alleviates many of the more common concerns but there is a wide range of considerations that need to be made. By taking the time to do the necessary research, it has never been easier for a high-value homeowner to zero in on the coverage that they need. The more protection that a homeowner obtains for…

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State Farm Insurance company chooses TikTok over TV for Super Bowl campaign

Insurance Company - TikTok

The insurer is taking aim at a fresh generation of consumers in its video challenge for the big game. State Farm first started airing ads during the Super Bowl last year, and the insurance company plans to do so again in 2022, though in a notably different way. Instead of focusing its ad dollars for an expensive TV spot, it wants to hang with viewers online. The insurance company has decided to take a different direction than the usual marketing splurge on huge celebs and exceptionally pricy commercial spots during…

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Allstate insurance company lost $218 million from Marshall Fire in Colorado

Insurance company - money on fire - financial loss

The insurer’s fourth quarter catastrophe losses were about $528 million in total last year. The Allstate insurance company has reported its catastrophe losses for last year’s fourth quarter. Its total was a pre-tax $528 million, with a substantial impact from the loss events that occurred in December, particularly the Marshall Fire in Colorado. December 2021 was a particularly impactful month on the insurer’s total catastrophe losses. Allstate’s pre-tax catastrophe loss estimates were $411 million for December 2021 alone. After tax, that translates to $325 million. The $411 million is a…

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Maryland health insurance open enrollment extended until February 28

Maryland on Sign - Health insurance

The state has extended the opportunity for residents to enroll due to the public health emergency. Maryland has announced that it is extending its health insurance open enrollment period, making possible for residents of the state to continue signing up for their coverage at the state’s marketplace. Residents of the state will be able to keep enrolling for coverage through the Maryland Health Connection. The state’s health insurance marketplace will stay open for enrollment until the end of February. The original deadline had been January 15. Governor Larry Hogan announced…

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Five Different Types of Senior Care Residential Homes that Could be Right for You

Senior Care Residential Homes

When it comes to thinking about senior care, it can be difficult to decide which is the right path to take. This is why it’s important to understand the different types of senior care available and what kind of residential care would suit your elderly parent or relative’s needs if they can’t live independently anymore. To give you some ideas of what options are out there, here are five examples of senior residential homes to choose from.  Retirement Community A retirement community is designed for those who are still able…

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Health insurance enrollment breaks all previous records

Health Insurance Enrollment - ACA

Biden’s changes to the Affordable Care Act changes reversed many areas Trump had altered. Health insurance enrollment through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) have reached a record high this year, in a trend widely associated with the changes President Joe Biden made to reverse alterations President Trump had made while he was in office. Among the additional changes Biden made include an increase to available financial assistance. Beyond increasing financial assistance for health insurance enrollments, other changes included widening the window in which consumers could sign up for coverage through…

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