Insurance Exodus: 2 More Companies to Exit California’s Homeowners Insurance Market

California Homeowners Insurance - Company Exits

Growing Trend Withdraw from California’s Market

In a significant development within the insurance industry, Tokio Marine America Insurance Co. and Trans Pacific Insurance Co. have both declared their intentions to exit the homeowners and personal umbrella insurance markets in California. This decision places these companies alongside an expanding list of insurers that are choosing to either withdraw or scale back their operations in the state.

Policyholders Affected: Tokio Marine’s Departure Impacts Thousands in California

According to recent filings with the California Department of Insurance, both entities—subsidiaries of the Japan-based Tokio Marine Holdings Inc.—currently provide coverage to thousands of Californians. Collectively, they offer 12,556 homeowner insurance policies, which generate approximately $11.3 million in annual premiums. Additionally, Tokio Marine maintains 2,732 personal umbrella policies, bringing in around $400,000.

California Homeowners Insurance - Challenge

The forthcoming exit will formally commence with the issuance of nonrenewal notices starting July 1, with the withdrawal becoming effective as of August 1, 2025. Despite the significant implications for their customers, neither company has publicly disclosed the motivations behind their decision. Attempts to reach Tokio Marine for comment were made, but responses were not received by the time of this publication.

Is This Departure a Big Deal?

While Tokio Marine America Insurance Co. and Trans Pacific Insurance Co. may not be household names in California, it’s the underlying pattern of their exit that raises alarms. These departures are emblematic of a broader issue facing the state’s insurance market. Although the immediate impact might appear minimal due to the relatively small market share these companies hold, the cumulative effect of multiple insurers pulling out is where the real concern lies.

This trend points to deeper, systemic challenges within the insurance industry, exacerbated by climate change and regulatory complications. The retreat of these insurers is a clear indicator of the growing unease within the sector regarding California’s increasing risk profile, highlighting the need for policyholders and lawmakers alike to take notice and address the root causes of this insurance exodus.

Historical Exodus: Insurance Giants Retreating from California

This trend of insurance companies pulling out of California is not new. In March, State Farm General Insurance Company announced its plan not to renew roughly 72,000 policies in the state. This followed a broader cessation of accepting new applications for both business and personal property policies last year. Other industry giants such as Allstate, Farmer’s Insurance, and The Hartford have taken similar steps, citing various reasons including the increasing risk of wildfires and the challenging regulatory environment in California.

Implications for California Homeowners: Navigating a Diminishing Insurance Market

For consumers, the departure of Tokio Marine America Insurance Co. and Trans Pacific Insurance Co. from the market adds to the growing difficulty of securing home insurance coverage in California. The state’s residents are now facing a shrinking pool of options amidst rising concerns over natural disasters and regulatory challenges.

With the insurance landscape in California undergoing significant changes, policyholders are urged to review their current arrangements and explore alternative providers to ensure continuous coverage. This development underscores the broader implications of climate change and regulatory dynamics on the insurance industry, not just in California, but potentially across the United States.

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