State Farm settles life insurance suit with $65 million payment

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The insurer has agreed to pay tens of millions to settle the suit involving overcharges State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company are issuing life insurance settlement checks as pay out for a class action lawsuit against the companies. The lawsuit was filed in a federal court and involved overcharging accusations Attorneys representing the class action lawsuit accused State Farm in a Missouri federal court of having overcharged its customers for life insurance policies.  The massive settlement involves allegedly overcharging about 450,000 policyholders who purchased universal coverage between 1986 and…

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Unveiling the Dark Side of Life Insurance Through the STOLI Scheme Controversy

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The recent lawsuit emerging from Delaware, reported by the Miami Herald, has thrown a spotlight on a somewhat obscure, yet profoundly concerning practice within the insurance industry—Stranger-Originated Life Insurance (STOLI) schemes. At the heart of this controversy is the estate of Martha Barotz, a retired woman in her early 70s, who became an unintended central figure in what appears to be financial exploitation targeting senior citizens. The Legal Implications of STOLI Schemes STOLI arrangements operate in a legal grey area, where investors, lacking any logical insurable interest, gamble on the…

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State Farm Registers $6.3 Billion Net Loss in Challenging 2023 Fiscal Year

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Despite attempts to improve results following a substantial $6.7 billion loss in 2022, State Farm, a leading insurance giant, ended 2023 with a $6.3 billion net loss. The company cites a surge in catastrophe claims as a significant factor contributing to their financial results. Elevated Claims and Unfavorable Results The Financial Climate State Farm’s financial report for the year reflects a tumultuous period, as total revenue reached $104.2 billion, yet it was not enough to prevent a net loss. The company’s combined ratio, a key measure of underwriting profitability, rose…

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Senate Report Reveals Tax Loopholes in Special Life Insurance Plans

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In an era when tax strategies of the rich and powerful are under increasing scrutiny, a recent Senate report featured in The Washington Post, has shone a stark light on the life insurance market — not for its widely acknowledged benefits, but for its exploitation as a tax shelter by America’s wealthiest. The traditional purposes of life insurance, including estate planning and providing non-taxable benefits to heirs, are well-understood. Yet, as the Senate Finance Committee revealed, a niche offering known as Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) propels these advantages into…

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Younger generations know the importance of life insurance but aren’t buying

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Gen Z and Millennials know how important the coverage is, but they aren’t shopping to that degree. According to a recent study, Gen Z and Millennials are well aware of the importance and benefit of having life insurance coverage, but they aren’t purchasing policies to a degree that reflects that understanding. The research found that those generations are slightly less covered than the average of all adults. The research was conducted by Life Happens, an insurance education organization, which published its results in the 2023 Insurance Barometer Study. Life Happens…

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