Colorado health insurance coverage must now include transgender care

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The state announced that medical policies must cover gender confirmation care for transgender people. State officials in Colorado have announced that as of 2023, health insurance coverage in the state must include gender-confirmation care for transgender patients. The change has received the federal government’s approval, referring to it as a “landmark step.” The federal government has called this change a “landmark step” in addressing health insurance coverage disparities. The state’s change means that private care plans must cover gender confirmation surgery, hormone therapy, and facial surgery for transgender people. “This…

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Kentucky health insurance marketplace brings back individual plans

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State residents seeking plan options will new be able to use the state-based exchange. The Kentucky health insurance exchange has returned to allow residents of the state to be able to purchase individual plans from the state-based marketplace. Governor Andy Beshear returned the exchange to the control of the state itself. The website is currently undergoing a review period meant to allow residents to better understand the coverage options and find the ones best suited to their needs. This way, they will have the opportunity to be ready for…

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Nearly three quarters of health insurance markets are highly concentrated, says study

Health insurance markets - metropolitan area

The American Medical Association found that this was the case in 73 percent of MSAs. A new American Medical Association (AMA) study has revealed that almost three out of every four metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) are concentrated health insurance markets. The analysis was based on data from the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission. The AMA’s study revealed that 73 percent of MSAs were highly concentrated health insurance markets based on the horizontal merger guidelines from the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In 91 percent…

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Transgender health insurance policies often exclude some therapies and operations

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The plans in one fifth of US states exclude coverage for many types of gender procedures. Transgender health insurance coverage is proving to be a difficult road for many Americans who need gender affirming/confirming surgeries. The challenge is that many insurers and politicians view these procedures and therapies as cosmetic. That opinion is in contrast with major medical organizations which refer to gender affirming surgeries as medically necessary. As a result, transgender health insurance often fails to cover procedures and therapies for this purpose. Among the common treatments for gender…

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One in 6 employees stay at their jobs for the health plan

Health plan - Helath Insurance Plan

A West Health and Gallup study showed that people are sticking with employers that cover them. West Health and Gallup recently released the results of a study in which they found that 16 percent of workers are staying at their jobs in order to keep their health plan. The fear of losing their insurance benefits is locking people into positions they’d like to leave. “Approximately 158 million people, or more than half of the U.S. adult population, receive health insurance via their own employer or the employer of a household…

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Almost three quarters of insurers charge fees or co-pays for COVID-19 insurance coverage

COVID-19 insurance - health insurance increase

An infection leading to hospitalization will now be more expensive to policyholders than it used to be. COVID-19 insurance coverage in a case of hospitalization will now come at a higher price even to those with a health plan due to increased co-pays and fees when compared to earlier in the pandemic. The Kaiser Family Foundation recorded that fewer insurers are waiving out of pocket costs. Researchers from the Kaiser Family Foundation determined that early in the pandemic, 88 percent of the largest American insurers voluntarily waved COVID-19 insurance out…

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Should unvaccinated health insurance rates be higher?

Health Insurance Rates - Money

An Ipsos poll shows over 40 percent of employees feel that this would be a fair move. According to the results of a recent survey conducted by Ipsos for Eagle Hill Consulting, more than 40 percent of American employees support higher health insurance rates for people who choose not to be vaccinated. This suggests that vaccinated American workers are seeking more punitive strategies for unvaccinated counterparts. Note: This article is a report on the findings of the survey and does not necessarily reflect the views of Live Insurance News, its…

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