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The insurance industry represents a robust market filled with a wide range of companies and consumers. As in other states, Connecticut regulates this its own insurance industry through the Insurance Department. The Connecticut Insurance Department is responsible for ensuring that consumers and businesses, including insurance companies, are protected from malicious practices and exploitation. This agency also upholds the regulations that have been established by the federal government and enforces these regulations should insurance companies choose not to comply.

As in other states throughout the U.S., auto insurance is mandatory. The Insurance Department has determined that drivers may carry a minimum level of Connecticut auto insurance coverage in order to be considered insured. This coverage must account for: $25,000 bodily injury coverage for injuries or a death occurring to one person in an accident; $50,000 bodily injury coverage for injuries or deaths occurring to more than one person in an accident; and $25,000 property damage coverage for an accident. Drivers are not required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.Connecticut Insurance

According to the Insurance Department, the average cost of auto insurance in the state is $1,821, above the national average of $1,725.

Connecticut homeowners are not required to purchase insurance protection for their properties. The Insurance Department does encourage homeowners and other property owners to purchase appropriate protection in order to mitigate losses associated with natural disasters, such as hurricanes and floods. The Connecticut Insurance Department does regulate the property insurance industry to ensure that rates remain fair for property owners and businesses. Though the state itself does not require homeowners to maintain any kind of property insurance, they may be required to do so per the financial agreement they have with a financial institution. Homeowners insurance is often a stipulation of a mortgage agreement with a bank.

This state is home to some 3.4 million people, of which 9.6% are have no health insurance coverage. Affordability is a common complaint among consumers in Connecticut, with many claiming that they cannot obtain coverage because it is too costly. The federal government aims to solve this problem through the establishment of a health insurance exchange program, which the state is required to host in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

Insurance News Update: In 2011, Governor Dan Malloy approved legislation that allowed Connecticut to build its own health insurance exchange. In 2012, more laws were passed to flesh out the governing body of the exchange program. The exchange, like others that are taking form throughout the country, is meant to provide residents with access to affordable health insurance coverage. The exchange will offer policies provided by several of the health insurance companies from within the Connecticut insurance industry.

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    The minimum coverage required for auto is now 25/50 and property damage 25

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