Long Distance Moving Hacks to Simplify Your Move

Long Distance Moving - Hacks

It can be overwhelming to move across town, much less to another state or across the country. If you have a move in the near future, take a deep breath and consider the following long-distance moving hacks and tips to make life easier.

Create a Moving Checklist

To avoid much of the stress of moving, start the process with a moving checklist. Keep it in a binder where everyone in the household can access it. This checklist should include each of the steps, beginning with hiring the moving company and concluding with making spare keys at your new home and unpacking. You can keep receipts and other important paperwork in the binder.

Some ideas of what to include in your checklist:

  • Hire a moving company and book the date.
  • Measure your furniture and put the measurements in your binder.
  • Start packing and set a date for when you’ll begin.
  • Back up files and photos.
  • Create an inventory of each room.
  • Request time off from work to pack and clean the house.
  • Determine which items need to be packed with special care.
  • Make travel arrangements for your trip to the new home.
  • Buy packing supplies.
  • Set up services at the new home and set a disconnect date at the old home.
  • Change your address with the post office.
  • Take apart large furniture.
  • Pack personal items separately for easy access.

You may add other items to this list based on where you’re moving and what you need to take with you. If you’re selling your home, you’ll need to choose a date to sign the closing paperwork. Once your old home is empty, make sure to do a final walk through.

Research Moving Companies

One of the most essential tips for moving across the country is to research moving companies before you choose one. Know what you need in a moving company. For instance, you may have a budget requirement, need extra packing supplies, moving insurance, or require storage service if you’re moving out of your current home before moving into the new one. Be sure to get multiple quotes and check which company meets all your service needs.

Long Distance Moving - Approval

In addition, look for a company with a solid reputation for exceptional customer service. Companies that have been in business for many years or several decades have worked hard to establish their brand. You can check with the Better Business Bureau to see their rating or read reviews from previous customers.

You’ll want to find a moving company with a reputation for being on time and handling items with care. The right moving company can remove much of the stress of long-distance moving.

Purge Items You No Longer Need

Often, the idea of trying to find room for everything in the moving truck or your vehicle will make you less sentimental.

Before you begin packing, follow these steps to make the job easier

  1. Go through all your stuff and get rid of anything you don’t use anymore.
  2. As you take inventory, label each item for “sell,” “donate,” or “toss” if you’re not taking it with you.
  3. Consider having a garage or yard sale a few weeks before moving day. You can also list specific items for sale online.
  4. Donate items in good condition to a local non-profit organization that helps those who can’t afford new items.

Pack Strategically

Plan ahead to reduce stress during packing and unpacking. Get labels and permanent markers to label every box. You may want to type up a packing list to put on or inside the box, which identifies every item, making it easier to find what you need at the new home.

Keep a separate box for items you’ll need as soon as you arrive. This box may contain a couple of changes of clothing for each family member, pajamas, flashlights, snacks, essential utensils, phone chargers, and medication. If you have children, you’ll want to include a few toys, coloring books, and other items to help them feel at home in the new place.

To conserve space, fill every inch of the boxes with items. Fold or roll your clothing, place socks in shoes to prevent them from getting smashed in transit, and wrap delicate items with towels.

Research Your Neighborhood Before You Arrive

As part of your packing process, take a few minutes to learn the layout of the neighborhood where you’ll be moving. Know where the closest ATM is located and the best food delivery options in the area. You won’t want to cook for a few days until your kitchen is unpacked and organized, so plan ahead for meals.

Once the movers have unloaded all the boxes, you’ll spend the next several days unpacking everything. It can get frustrating living out of boxes and not being able to find what you need, so be sure to take breaks. Enjoy a walk around your new neighborhood, or head to the closest park and let the kids enjoy the playground. Even an hour or two away from the job of moving can do wonders for your outlook.

Allow Plenty of Time

No matter how well you prepare for your move, you can expect delays and other hiccups along the way. This is especially true with cross-country or international moves. Pad in extra time for packing, driving to your destination, and unpacking. Set deadlines with room to reschedule. You may also want to take some time off of work during a move. Or, if you’re starting a new job at the new location, set your move-in date a week or so prior.

The night before the big day, make sure all your belongings are packed before the movers arrive. You don’t want to wait until the last day in case problems arise. Being flexible will save you a lot of stress when someone shows up late or the unexpected happens. It’s easier to be flexible when you allow more time for each major task than expected.

Moving across states can be stressful. If you follow these hacks, you’ll find it’s easier to manage the challenges of moving while keeping your sanity. Once you’re all settled in, all that’s left to do is start enjoying your new home in your new city.

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