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For More Insurance Definitions:  What is Covered on a Homeowners Insurance Policy

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Mind the Gap: Things to Know Before Picking the Best Medicare Supplement PlanMedicare

Whether you have just turned 65, are about to turn 65, or are looking after a loved one who already has, keeping abreast of Medicare policy changes and picking the best Medicare supplement plan can seem like a daunting task. While the basic Medicare supplement plans (Plans A – N) are standardized at the federal government level, there are still many variations and nuances that occur at the state level…Read more…

The Average Monthly Cost of Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance If you are a tenant, it is imperative that you invest in renters insurance  to protect your personal property. While the landlord does carry insurance  to cover the property, renters insurance is designed to cover potential claims that can affect you as a tenant. Personal property, loss of use, and liability coverage are the most common coverage options offered by a renter’s insurance contract. If you understand what these…Read more…


Car Insurance Car Insurance 101: Do You Know How You’re Covered?

Every car nationwide is required to have at least the state’s required minimum liability insurance. If a vehicle is financed through any lender, they will likely require the owner to hold a certain amount of comprehensive and collision coverage on top of the state mandated liability insurance. It is important that drivers in all states know what type of coverage they need on their vehicles and what kind of discounts they are eligible for to keep rates low. Any driver who is educated on the different discounts on their car insurance will save hundreds of dollars every year.

Homeowners Insurance DiscountsNot Happy With Homeowners Insurance – How to Compare Quotes

If you’re looking for homeowners insurance, you have to shop around first. Getting the best deal and the best coverage both depend on comparison shopping. It’s easy, just as long as you know where to start. Go With What You Have As you begin looking for homeowners insurance, stick with what you know. Talk to the company that carries your car insurance first, to see if they have any viable…


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For Business Owners Insurance:

Business InsuranceSafeguarding your Company’s Health with Business Insurance

Regardless of what the type of business you own, giving it an extra layer of protection will always be a wise investment. We should never gamble with our company’s assets and protecting it with the right
insurance policy ensures that our business is prepared for any eventuality. But with all the insurance policies available in the market today making the choice could be difficult.

5 Reasons to Review your Medical Malpractice Insurance

Medical Malpractice InsuranceMedical Malpractice Insurance – Remember to Review Before You Renew! Few physicians, if any, would argue that it’s important to ensure no lapse in your medical malpractice insurance coverage. Too many, though, fail to put as much attention where it’s desperately needed – when it’s time to renew their policy. A thorough review of the proposed coverage is essential, whenever your policy is due for renewal. Premiums and levels…

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