SC lawyer hired hitman to cash in on $10 million life insurance policy for family

Life insurance policy - handing over money

South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh arranged for someone to kill him earlier this month. South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh hired a hitman to kill him and make it possible for his child to collect on a $10 million life insurance policy, according to authorities. The scam was an “attempt on his part to do something to protect his child,” said his attorney, Richard Harpootlian. Fifty-three-year-old Murdaugh survived the shooting on September 4. Police said that Murdaugh claimed that he had been shot in the head while he was changing a…

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Almost three quarters of insurers charge fees or co-pays for COVID-19 insurance coverage

COVID-19 insurance - health insurance increase

An infection leading to hospitalization will now be more expensive to policyholders than it used to be. COVID-19 insurance coverage in a case of hospitalization will now come at a higher price even to those with a health plan due to increased co-pays and fees when compared to earlier in the pandemic. The Kaiser Family Foundation recorded that fewer insurers are waiving out of pocket costs. Researchers from the Kaiser Family Foundation determined that early in the pandemic, 88 percent of the largest American insurers voluntarily waved COVID-19 insurance out…

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Top JD Power P&C insurance digital experience award goes to Mercury

P&C Insurance - Award

The insurer ranked at the top of the category for overall customer satisfaction in this shopping segment. JD Power has released the results of its 2021 US Digital Experience Study, within which it named Mercury Insurance the top option among P&C insurance companies for overall satisfaction in digital shopping. This represents the first time Mercury has been the recipient of one of the JD Power awards. The JD Power 2021 US Digital Experience Study is an examination of the digital consumer experience among shoppers obtaining quotes for P&C insurance, as…

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Mercury releases list of SUV models for the cheapest auto insurance

Cheapest Auto Insurance

The insurer has identified the top sport utility vehicles for affordable policies. A major factor worth considering in the purchase of a new sports utility vehicle (SUV) is whether it will qualify for the cheapest auto insurance. Coverage is an ongoing cost that will continue for the entire lifespan of the vehicle. By taking premiums into consideration, even a slightly more expensive SUV that has the cheapest auto insurance could end up being the most affordable vehicle to own over its lifetime. Since SUVs are now notably more popular than…

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State Farm reminds animal owners to create a pet evacuation plan

Pet Evacuation - dog supplies

Moreover, it has pointed out that existing plans should be reviewed annually to ensure they are up to date. State Farm has issued a news release on its official website reminding people of the importance of creating and maintaining a pet evacuation plan in case the unexpected should happen. As natural disasters become more frequent and extreme, the insurer wants pet owners to be responsible. “Being a responsible pet owner means preparing for the unexpected,” read the statement. It pointed out that the way a family handles their furry, four-legged…

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Early data shows ending unemployment insurance didn’t boost employment

Unemployment insurance form

Many states seeking to fill vacant jobs with this strategy have not seen the results they sought. Early US Census Bureau data shows that the push made by several states to end unemployment insurance in order to fill vacant jobs has not panned out as they wanted. The elimination of the additional pandemic financial support didn’t increase employment numbers. University of Massachusetts Amherst economics professor Arindrajit Dube used Household Pulse Survey data recently collected by the US Census Bureau to determine that bringing the pandemic-related unemployment insurance to an end…

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Wildfires make California farm insurance harder to find

California farm Insurance - Farm, field and equipment

The worsening trends are making some grower properties too risky to insure. The cost of California farm insurance has been rapidly rising for years as a result of more severe and frequent wildfires, but this year the situation has worsened in a striking way. The coverage isn’t just becoming too expensive, but in some cases its entirely unavailable. Following years of rising costs, California farm insurance is now seeing what is known as a managed retreat. Insurers that had once been offering policies to farmers and growers have been stepping…

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