Will heat insurance help protect the poor against extreme temperatures?

Heat insurance - Thermometer

As climate change makes the world hotter, the poorest workers in the world might benefit from coverage. By April near Ahmedabad, India, temperatures had already reached 100ºF, an extreme being linked to trends relating to climate change, and one against which heat insurance has the potential to protect affected workers. Everyone from physical laborers to people selling products affected by heat could potentially benefit. Last year, temperatures there reached 114.8ºF, at a peak becoming increasingly commonplace, as 2016’s peak was an even higher 118ºF. That location is far from the…

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Motorcycle insurance costs less than what many riders expect

Motorcycle Insurance - Costs

Many people think it costs considerably more to insure their vehicle than is actually the case. It’s that time of year again, when riders head back onto the road and have to make sure they have all the motorcycle insurance they require wherever they intend to go. It’s always a good idea to review your policy each year to be sure you still have the right coverage. Motorcycle insurance is required by law in most states across the country. While many riders will bristle at that news, what’s important to…

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Illinois auto insurance rate calculation overhaul in the works

Auto insurance - Rate Hikes - Illinois

State Rep. Will Guzzardi is seeking to ban “excessive” increases and price calculation factors. Illinois state Rep. Will Guzzardi is seeking to require that auto insurance companies obtain state approval before they can implement rate hikes. He is also aiming to implement a ban for “excessive” rate increases and stop insurers from being able to use occupation, gender or credit score to calculate premiums. The largest car insurers in the state have increased rates by $527 million since the start of the year. According to analyses conducted by two consumer…

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FDIC Calls for Review of US Bank Deposit Insurance System

Deposit insurance - US Flag - US dollars

The process is launching fresh debate over whether an expansion of government protections is appropriate. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) has published a comprehensive overview of the federal system this week, sparking debate once again regarding the need – or lack thereof – for additional government protections on bank deposits. The overview is also taking another look at how much additional coverage might be required. This review represents the third report the FDIC has published since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank earlier this year.…

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Rising home insurance rates are causing real estate buyers to think twice

Home insurance - Rising rates - Arrow wooden homes

A recent report pointed to skyrocketing premiums as a deterrent to purchasing homes in Florida. Rising home insurance rates are nothing new to property owners in Florida, but recent hikes have been particularly high, and with an additional 1% emergency assessment fee to be applied to policies, real estate agents are seeing increased hesitation from customers. The state has been attempting to come up with a strategy to overcome a coverage crisis. The emergency assessment fee was announced earlier this month and is intended to help deal with the issues…

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Florida home insurance customers to pay extra 1% emergency fee

Home insurance - 1% Emergency Fee

Property owners throughout the state will see the increase due to insurer insolvencies from hurricanes. Florida home insurance customers will be paying another 1 percent on top of their usual premiums in order to cover the cost of property insurer insolvencies caused to a certain extent by hurricane damage claims. This additional fee is being added to the already spiking rates being charged across Florida. Floridian consumers have been watching their home insurance premiums soar yet again as the state scrambles to try to prevent a full crisis in this…

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Michigan Governor Whitmer seeks to protect state’s preventive healthcare

Preventive Healthcare - Form

On the heels of the court decision in Texas, the governor is moving to keep this insurance coverage in place. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced that despite a recent court ruling in Texas, Michigan intends to maintain the requirement for preventive healthcare insurance coverage. The governor has announced that insurers representing all fully insured state residents will continue the coverage. The ruling that occurred in the Texas court was one that struck down an Affordable Care Act (ACA) provision. That provision had required health insurance companies to provide coverage…

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