Allstate Insurance CEO Reveals Hidden Cause of Rising Auto Insurance Rates

Allstate Insurance - A woman looking surprised - auto rates increase

In a recent interview with CNBC, Tom Wilson, CEO of Allstate Insurance, shed light on the underlying reasons for the spike in auto insurance rates. He pointed to a crucial factor that has often flown under the radar—the dramatic increase in used car prices over the past few years. This revelation connects the dots between the surge in vehicle costs and the consequential rise in insurance premiums. The Surge in Used Car Prices “The price of used cars skyrocketed by 60% between 2020 and 2022,” noted Wilson. This substantial increase…

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Even utilities can’t get wildfire insurance

wildfire insurance - Image of Electric Utility with fire in background

It’s not just homeowners and small business owners struggling to get coverage due to wildfires Wildfire season has now officially started, and some utilities have found themselves operating without wildfire insurance, which means they’ll be responsible for the full cost of any damages resulting from fires caused by their equipment. Utilities in the West have been struggling to find any coverage at all Power lines have been blamed for a number of fires over the last few years, and this has meant that utilities have faced an increasing struggle to…

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State Farm settles life insurance suit with $65 million payment

Life Insurance - Lawsuit - Gavel

The insurer has agreed to pay tens of millions to settle the suit involving overcharges State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company are issuing life insurance settlement checks as pay out for a class action lawsuit against the companies. The lawsuit was filed in a federal court and involved overcharging accusations Attorneys representing the class action lawsuit accused State Farm in a Missouri federal court of having overcharged its customers for life insurance policies.  The massive settlement involves allegedly overcharging about 450,000 policyholders who purchased universal coverage between 1986 and…

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2024 Medigap Insurance Rate Increase Data Can Help Agents Compete

Medigap Insurance Data

Insurance agents striving to stand out and compete in the crowded Medicare solutions market can utilize the latest data regarding Medigap rate increases. The just-reported data revealed that year-over-year increases for policyholders with Medigap Plan G coverage in 2024 ranged to as much as 20%. The new analysis was reported by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI) and KLC Actuarial, LLC. “Competition in the Medicare market is intense with large call centers and marketing entities spending hundreds of millions annually on lead generation marketing,” explains Jesse Slome, director…

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What kind of animals does exotic pet insurance cover?

Exotic Pet Insurance Coverage - Iguana

Coverage for cats and dogs is commonplace, but what about other animal family members? Exotic pet insurance might sound like it’s intended for animals such as tigers or pythons, but it’s actually the type of policy intended for common animals aside from dogs and cats. Many people keep animals such as birds and rodents By purchasing exotic pet insurance, animal owners can carry the same type of veterinary care coverage enjoyed by dogs and cats. This means that owners will have financial protection in case that animal is unexpectedly sick…

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