8 Types of Insurance Needed for Aesthetic Clinics

aesthetic clinic - 8 Types of Insurance

Running an aesthetic clinic involves more than just offering beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures. It requires a significant amount of planning, investment, and risk management. One critical aspect of managing these risks is securing the right insurance coverage. Proper insurance not only protects the clinic from financial losses but also enhances its credibility and trustworthiness among clients. Here, we explore the various types of insurance needed for aesthetic clinics to ensure smooth and secure operations. Professional Liability Insurance Professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance, is perhaps the most…

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California Governor Newsom backs property insurance reform measure

Property insurance - California Law - Support

The goal is to ensure that homeowners and business owners will find necessary coverage California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara recently announced that a new draft measure would make it a requirement for property insurance companies using new catastrophe modeling to write more policies in areas at a higher risk of events such as wildfires. Larger insurers must insure properties at a specific minimum level The draft regulation would require that all companies using new catastrophe modeling to write more property insurance policies in distressed areas. That said, larger insurers would…

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Nationwide Insurance to End Coverage for Pet Policies in Major Overhaul

Nationwide Insurance Cancels Pet Insurance Coverage

Nationwide Insurance to Non-Renew Pet Insurance Policies In a surprising move, Nationwide Insurance has announced it will be non-renewing approximately 100,000 pet insurance policies across the United States. The decision, attributed to the rising costs of veterinary care and other financial pressures, was disclosed in a company statement on June 14. The announcement has left many pet owners scrambling, especially those with pets suffering from pre-existing conditions. Nationwide, which began its pet insurance operations under the name Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) in 1982, has long been a leader in the…

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Kansas governor signs workers compensation reform bill

Workers Compensation - Kansas Flag - Reform

Governor Kelly has signed bipartisan legislation Senate Bill 430 into law Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has signed Senate Bill 430, a bipartisan workers compensation overhaul bill meant to provide comprehensive updates to the laws in the state. Changes were broadly believed to be long overdue for the state “This legislation is a win for our workforce, our businesses, and organized labor,” said Kelly.  “The reforms in this legislation will create a more just and efficient workers compensation system that increases the benefits for injured workers while creating administrative efficiencies and…

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Are auto insurance companies secretly spying on drivers with their phones?

Auto Insurance - Spying

Common apps may be feeding insurers more info than motorists think Auto insurance companies have been offering discounts to drivers who use their apps to track their habits behind the wheel and prove that they are safe while they’re on the road. Other apps may also be feeding information to insurers According to a recent Business Insider report, auto insurance companies are learning about drivers’ habits even if those motorists haven’t signed up to be tracked.  The report stated that there is a slew of commonly used applications installed on…

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