Mercury Insurance company chooses artificial intelligence underwriting tools

Insurance company - AI technology

The insurer has chosen to adopt the CAPE Analytics AI property solutions into its workflows. The Mercury Insurance company has chosen a new suite of property artificial intelligence solutions from CAPE Analytics to incorporate into its underwriting workflows. The insurer will use this AI solution to apply a property’s qualities and risk scores. The new artificial intelligence suite from CAPE Analytics will allow the insurance company to use a property’s characteristics and risk scores to instantly assess an individual property’s risk across all the states in which the insurer operates,…

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5 Great Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

Buying Life Insurance

If you are young, healthy, and single, do you need life insurance? Maybe not, but as soon as you are in a relationship with someone else or have a child, things change. Purchasing a life insurance policy can be one of the most important things that you do for your loved ones. Protect Your Dependents One of the main reasons to get life insurance is to protect your dependents. If anything happens to you, a life insurance policy is one of the considerations for end of life planning and can…

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Florida DFS hires 10 new property insurance fraud investigators

Insurance fraud

The Department of Financial Services has hired sworn law enforcement officers for the investigations. The Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) has hired 13 new employees, 10 of whom are law enforcement officers who will be investigating property insurance fraud, said Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis. The state Legislature approved the investigation squads in 2020, and the hiring is now complete. The insurance fraud investigators are based in Orlando and Tampa. They will be granted the authority to work with other law enforcement units as well as with the insurance…

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AAA Texas releases tips drivers can use to avoid insurance claims

Insurance claims - collision

The recommendations help to avoid crashes in parking lots during the holiday season. AAA Texas has released a wealth of information for drivers in the state who want to avoid insurance claims and the events that cause them. This season sends millions of people to busy parking lots and across cities, states and even the country to visit loved ones. This comes with hazards and risks that can be broadly avoided with the right tips. 20 percent of all collisions occur in parking lots and can require expensive repairs to…

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Insurance companies face steep criticism in Louisiana in wake of Hurricane Ida

Insurance companies - Hurricane destruction

State officials didn’t mince words in expressing the frustrations of residents held back by major obstacles. Residents of Louisiana are sick and tired of insurance companies, following two years of severe storms that have led to slow claims progress, struggles to reach providers in the first place, and inadequate payouts. Hurricane Ida left devastation behind in major areas of southeastern Louisiana in August. By December, many people are still living in temporary housing or FEMA trailers, awaiting the payouts from their insurance companies. The Louisiana Legislature joint insurance committee held…

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How does home insurance protect the gifts you bought on Black Friday?

Home Insurance - Gifts

Many people forget to make sure they have the necessary coverage for big ticket items. While consumers shop for the best deals on the hottest holiday gift items this year, many forget to consider the way that home insurance factors into the situation. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be unaware of the coverage they need in case the worst should happen. Home insurance companies across the country are hoping to spread the message that standard policies will provide some protection in case gifts are stolen from within the home…

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From Insurance to Marketing: How to Save Your New Business Money

Business Marketing

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of saving every penny possible in business. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a home-based start-up or an international organization; it is crucial to adopt a frugal mindset to enjoy substantial revenue and growth. If you are new to an industry, you are likely eager to maximize your finances to avoid money issues and generate a healthy profit margin. Knowledge is power when it comes to business, which is why you should read the following advice on how to save your new…

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