Cyber insurance claims smash previous North American records

Cyber Insurance - Generic Insurance Claim Form

According to broker Marsh, claims in 2023 bashed through all previous records After receiving more than 1,800 cyber insurance claim reports from US and Canadian clients in 2023, Marsh announced that last year broke all previous records for this type of claim filing. The broker went on to identify driving factors Among the reasons for the rising number of cyber insurance claims, according to Marsh, included that the sophistication of these digital attacks is rising.  Moreover, the MOVEit file transfer supply chain incident’s sheer scale drove up claims.  Privacy claims…

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$350M Ukraine war insurance available from Aon, Development Finance Corp

War Insurance - Recovery Economy - Ukraine Flag

The coverage program is designed to support capital investment and economic recovery in the country Aon and the US International Development Finance Corporation are collaborating to offer a $350 million war insurance program meant to help Ukraine with capital investment and economic recovery. The program is in two main parts The program includes $300 million in coverage for the healthcare and agriculture sectors in Ukraine, and another $50 million in war insurance, that is, additional coverage for the insurers providing protection there. The reinsurance strategy was designed in a partnership…

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Health insurance gone for 24,000 kids on Kansas Medicaid

Health Insurance - Kids dropped from Medicaid

As the state continues its “unwinding review”, thousands of children have lost coverage The massive Medicaid “unwinding” review in Kansas has resulted in a massive number of children losing their health insurance coverage from the state program. Almost half of those who lost coverage were kids In fact, estimates show 47 percent of those who lost their health insurance following the Kansas Medicaid eligibility unwinding were children aged 18 years old or younger.  Kansas Action for Children senior policy advisor Heather Braum predicted in a recent Kansas Reflector report that…

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8 Types of Insurance Needed for Aesthetic Clinics

aesthetic clinic - 8 Types of Insurance

Running an aesthetic clinic involves more than just offering beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures. It requires a significant amount of planning, investment, and risk management. One critical aspect of managing these risks is securing the right insurance coverage. Proper insurance not only protects the clinic from financial losses but also enhances its credibility and trustworthiness among clients. Here, we explore the various types of insurance needed for aesthetic clinics to ensure smooth and secure operations. Professional Liability Insurance Professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance, is perhaps the most…

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California Governor Newsom backs property insurance reform measure

Property insurance - California Law - Support

The goal is to ensure that homeowners and business owners will find necessary coverage California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara recently announced that a new draft measure would make it a requirement for property insurance companies using new catastrophe modeling to write more policies in areas at a higher risk of events such as wildfires. Larger insurers must insure properties at a specific minimum level The draft regulation would require that all companies using new catastrophe modeling to write more property insurance policies in distressed areas. That said, larger insurers would…

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