Moving APT makes long-distance relocation safer for customers

Moving APT long-distance relocation safe portal and services explained

Moving service scams are rising and customers are looking for safer ways to protect themselves as well as their valuables, Moving APT has developed a safe operating environment for moving service clients by using strict vetting methods of onboarding movers as well as secure payment solutions. Every leading local and long distance movers in Sarasota can be found at Moving APT. The company is dedicated to contributing more to the moving industry. 

The rising graph of moving scams reported every day has left the moving service industry concerned about customer safety.

While rogue movers continue to indulge in business malpractices, duping naïve customers, moving service brokers like Moving APT are committed to making the landscape safer and more comfortable for customers. The company is constantly working on newer ways to empower the moving industry and has been leading in its efforts. 

Moving APT is a leading moving service broker in America known for its excellence in long-distance relocation services. The alarming changes in moving service nature and increased risk profile had the company work on protecting the right of the customers. The team hence worked hard and came up with a powerful model for screening the mover onboarding process. 

For the uninitiated, Moving APT maintains a network of movers to offer a wide range of services, Movers can search for moving quotes online and all the movers in the network offer their quotes out of which the mover can choose the most suitable one. The quote is based on simple information provided by the customers through a form that they fill on the company’s website. The information here includes moving date preference, zip codes of exiting and delivery location, and size of the moving inventory. 

long-distance relocation safe portal and services explained

This offers a safe platform for customers to choose the right mover at the right price.

Every mover in the network of Moving APT is vetted by the team, ensuring valid licenses and insurance status as well as fair and clean records. 

Moving APT also makes the payment system strong by eliminating the advance payment rule. The customer needs to pay in full once the relocation is complete. This saves the customers from loss of money or poor quality of services. 

The quotes offered on Moving APT include both binding and non-binding quotes, this allows the customers to make an informed and more suitable choice. Also, there are a wide number of movers available on Moving APT to ensure multiple options for clients. Customers can choose from full-service movers to specialty item movers as well as specific services like packing, loading, unloading, and transport. 

help finding long-distance relocation safe portal and services explained

Moving APT also offers suggestions to the customers, highlighting the best movers in different categories.

Clients can check top long-distance movers, local movers, interstate movers, furniture movers, specialty item movers as well as full-moving service providers on the company’s website. 

To enable its clients with effective and informed decision-making power, Moving APT has a moving cost calculator built- on the business website. This moving cost calculator offers online estimated costs for a move based on simple details like moving date, size of the move and distance to be covered. With an accurate estimate, clients can plan their relocation projects financially and save themselves from any trouble. 

Finally, the company has a full-fledged moving blogs and articles section on the website, these articles and blogs are written by industry experts and are highly informative. Customers can get help in planning the move, choosing the right mover, saving money as well as filing claims should anything wrong happens during the move. 

Moving APT is taking every step to ensure that moving service clients are offered the best experience without any fear of scams while relocating their houses or offices. The company has many more plans in the pipeline to make moving services better and more customer-friendly. 

About the company 

Moving APT is America’s leading cross-country moving broker. The company has served over 500k customers in its 12 years of existence in the moving industry. They have a wide network of movers including 500+ local agents across the USA. The company offers a full spectrum of moving solutions including long-distance movers, out-of-state movers, state-to-state movers, and local movers as well as services such as corporate relocation, residential relocation, packing services, furniture moving services, car shipping services, piano moving services, and much more. 


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