Allstate’s auto insurance app users have 25 percent fewer severe crashes

Auto insurance - 25% less serious accidents

The insurer’s research showed that its Drivewise app customers are safer behind the wheel

The Allstate auto insurance Drivewise app is no longer anything new, and customers across America are using it to help ensure that the premiums they pay are based on their habits, in the hopes of saving money.

According to the insurer, those drivers are also safer drivers

The insurer provides its customers with the choice to opt in to use its auto insurance app, which offers safe driving support and tracks general vehicle use behaviors.  Allstate and its mobility data and analytics partner Arity have determined that drivers who use the app and its safe driving features are also safer motorists.

Auto insurance - Safer App

In fact, Drivewise customers are 25 percent less likely to be involved in a severe collision than Allstate’s customers who don’t use the app.  Arity’s driving behavior research also indicated that the app’s users also speed less, use their phone less while behind the wheel, and do less hard braking on average when compared to other connected users who aren’t using Drivewise. That figure is estimated to be as high as 44 percent.

Being tracked and the incentive to save on auto insurance

Drivers in the most populated parts of the country showed the following trends when using Drivewise:

  • They spent 23 percent less of their overall driving distance traveling at high speeds
  • They handled their smartphones 44 percent less while they were behind the wheel
  • They were 11 percent less likely to brake hard.

Allstate has interpreted this data as highly significant, as it indicates that the users of the app are not only participating in certain key safe driving behaviors, but they’re also less likely to be involved in bad crashes.

It isn’t clear whether the app is leading to the safer behaviors or if drivers who are more likely to be safe behind the wheel are those opting in, but either way, the trend is evident.

Savings for safe driving

“We offer customers the choice to pay a rate based on their driving,” said Allstate executive vice president Ginger Purgatorio in a recent news release from the insurer. “We find that when customers choose to use Drivewise on their Allstate mobile app, they tend to drive safer. And those who drive safer not only get in fewer accidents, but also can save money on their auto insurance.”

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