More states permit drivers to use insurance app as proof of coverage

 Auto InsuranceThe Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) has released a simple solution to help drivers to make certain that they always carry proof of their auto insurance coverage with them, which involves the use of an app that allows the proof to be displayed using a smartphone.

Motorists in Idaho received the approval last Thursday when that state’s Senate Transportation Committee gave their unanimous approval to the SB 1319 measure. Now, there are similar bills being considered by several other states, including California, Arizona, and Mississippi.

According to the director of personal lines policy at PCI, Alex Hageli, we are entering into an age where the laws need to be updated by the state legislators and regulators in order to recognize technology’s increasing prevalence by making it possible for insurance companies to offer electronic ID cards to their policyholders. Hageli did go on to state that “That little piece of paper will still count, but it will no longer be the only option motorists have to show they have auto insurance.”

Hageli also stated that this new technique will provide insurers with significant savings from having to print out and mail the policy ID cards. Furthermore, it will benefit both law enforcement and court personnel as they will no longer be required to process tickets that were issued to motorists who had insurance coverage but who failed to bring their proof of policy with them.

Every state except Tennessee and New Hampshire require motorists to purchase a liability policy that will provide coverage for other drivers in the event of a collision.

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