West Virginia legislators pass new law that gives consumers access to information on their insurance policies

West Viginia House of DelegatesThe West Virginia House of Delegates has granted approval of a new legislation that would require insurance companies to disclose information regarding policies to consumers filing claims. The bill received support from both parties and passed with a 64-33 vote on Monday. The law aims to provide consumers with more understanding of how the insurance industry works and what they can expect to deal with when filing claims. It will also help consumers understand the limitations of their own policies and discover whether or not an insurer can deny a claim before having to file.

Though the law has gained a tremendous amount of support, it does have its opponents. The state’s Chamber of Commerce is the chief among the legislation’s detractors. The agency claims that the law will make it possible for attorneys to obtain a consumers information for any reason. This could put consumers at risk should they choose to take legal action on a claim. House Judiciary Chair Tim Miley, one of the authors of the bill, claims that this concern has already been addressed. Miley made amendments to the law before it reached the House that would limit the information disclosed by consumers.

Overall, legislators believe that the law will cut down on unnecessary insurance lawsuits as it will provide consumers with more information and help them make informed discussions regarding their claims and insurance providers.

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