Mercury adds MercuryGO to Arizona auto insurance products

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The insurer has been expanding its usage-based coverage app to let good driving habits lead to savings. Mercury has announced that it is taking its next steps into new states with its MercuryGO app, bringing it into the Arizona auto insurance market. The idea behind the app is to let a driver’s safe behaviors behind the wheel generate discounts. That said, beyond rewarding good drivers with lower Arizona auto insurance premiums, it also provides additional features. Those features are meant to help boost driver awareness of safer habits to help…

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Auto insurance requirements set to rise in Arizona

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Arizona lawmakers aim to raise the insurance requirements for the states drivers The minimum level of auto insurance coverage is about to rise in Arizona. A new legislation has been introduced that would require drivers to purchase additional coverage and pay higher rates. The legislation seeks to mitigate the risks that exist in the state. The minimum auto insurance level has not been changed for the past 42 years and lawmakers suggest that the current insurance requirements are no longer adequately protecting the state’s residents from accidents and other issues.…

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Arizona fails to pass insurance bill to have uninsured vehicles towed

A bill in Arizona that would allow police to have uninsured vehicles towed and impounded was narrowly defeated, but it did manage to draw attention to the issue in that state and underscore the strict penalties that already exist for drivers who are on the road without coverage. Insurance Research Council data from 2009 estimates that the segment of drivers in Arizona without insurance is about 12 percent, which is just under the country’s average of 13.8 percent. If the proposed bill had passed, it would have given police officers…

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More states permit drivers to use insurance app as proof of coverage

The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) has released a simple solution to help drivers to make certain that they always carry proof of their auto insurance coverage with them, which involves the use of an app that allows the proof to be displayed using a smartphone. Motorists in Idaho received the approval last Thursday when that state’s Senate Transportation Committee gave their unanimous approval to the SB 1319 measure. Now, there are similar bills being considered by several other states, including California, Arizona, and Mississippi. According to the…

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