Insurance employment forecast sees 14,000 jobs currently available and 27,000 more this year

Insurance has released a report on the availability of jobs among managing general agents, third party administrators, brokers, and agents, and has determined that there are currently about 14,000 positions open, and that there will be an additional 27,000 jobs available before the end of 2012.

The report was based on a survey of those parts of the industry, among which 126 different insurance entities participated across the country. The survey was performed over the phone, and involved five questions about the current and forecasted job availability, in addition to the challenges that are being faced. The respondents represented 319,000 employees, which is currently about 15 percent of the total insurance industry sector employees in the United States.

Among the respondents, the findings were as follows:

• Before the end of the year, 31 percent of the companies intend to hire at least 51 more employees.

• Within the same time span, 11 percent of the companies intend to fill at least 200 more positions.

• The leading six positions available in the insurance industry are IT, customer service, account managers, claims adjusters, call center, and sales.

• Employers in this sector are starting to use social media as one of their primary tools for seeking out candidates to fill the positions. In this light, is the main social network used.

• Employers are struggling to find skilled professionals in the insurance industry (including claims, underwriters, product development, actuary, and account managers).

• Employers struggle to hire the skilled candidates that they do find as they cannot meet the expectations of those job seekers in terms of competitive compensation packages.

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