Michigan insurance industry is having a hard time filling job postings

Michigan insurance industry jobs application form

Insurers in the state are continuing to open positions in their companies, but workers aren’t there to fill them. The Michigan insurance industry is all set to open up a range of new jobs over the next few years. However, it is already facing a considerable challenge in their effort to fill the positions as insurance companies compete to attract talent. This was among the primary findings in a study conducted by Ferris State University researchers. The university’s insurance, actuarial and risk management student team surveyed companies in the Michigan…

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Insurance jobs for IT sector maintains positive outlook

Insurance Jobs

Those looking for employment in insurance technology should see improved hiring. According to the 2012 Information Week U.S. IT Salary Survey, as the global and American economy continues its stunted upward growth, the outlook for staffing and salary in the area of insurance technology is looking quite healthy. In 2011, the recovery of the economy put a number of new insurance jobs out there. Insurers increased their tech budgets and brought their bigger projects forward from the back burner, where they had been left since the financial industry took its…

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Insurance employment forecast sees 14,000 jobs currently available and 27,000 more this year

GreatInsuranceJobs.com has released a report on the availability of jobs among managing general agents, third party administrators, brokers, and agents, and has determined that there are currently about 14,000 positions open, and that there will be an additional 27,000 jobs available before the end of 2012. The report was based on a survey of those parts of the industry, among which 126 different insurance entities participated across the country. The survey was performed over the phone, and involved five questions about the current and forecasted job availability, in addition to…

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Allstate Insurance announces expansion and hiring in the Southeast and Texas

Allstate Insurance Company has announced a number of different areas in which it will be making new hires this year. These include Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, as well as Texas. This large insurer, has said that it is hoping to bring in 124 new agency owners within the Southeastern states. As a part of that intention, it is offering a referral reward of $5,000 to anyone who refers a qualified candidate who receives an appointment this year. As a part of a candidate’s qualification, he or she must…

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State Farm Insurance announces intentions to recruit 3,000 new hires

State Farm Insurance has announced that it will be hiring 3,000 new employees across the United States and Canada in order to fill a number of positions where there had been open positions (those unfilled after people left) throughout the recession, as well as to add an additional 900 agents. The insurer, based in Bloomington, Illinois, has revealed that it is now accepting applications for these new jobs, which will primarily be for positions in customer service, information technology, and claims. This new wave of hiring will boost the workforce…

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