Enroll America embarks on a crusade to raise awareness of health insurance

Health Insurance ProgramWith election year rapidly approaching, the issue of health care is getting more attention. While reform of the health care system is already well underway, few may be aware of their eligibility for federal health insurance programs. In an effort to raise awareness, Enroll America, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group, is embarking on a new campaign to help people understand the working of the new health care system and how they might be able to receive affordable insurance coverage.

The campaign brings together a multitude of hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and other consumer advocacy groups in order to promote awareness of accessible health care. The campaigns ultimate goal is to get as many American citizens signed up for health insurance as possible by 2014. During the opening stages of the campaign, Enroll America will be embarking on a state-by-state tour. The tour will focus on informing people of their newfound, but little known, eligibility for federal health care programs.

Despite the fact that the federal mandate requiring all citizens to have some form of health insurance by 2014 has been attracting a swell of opposition, it is still on track to be enacted in 2014. The nonprofit groups seeks to ensure that the majority of people are aware that the mandate can be easily appeased through enrolling in a number of federal programs that will grant them insurance coverage.

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