91% of Texans to be insured by 2014, thanks to the Affordable Care Act

The Texas Medicaid Director, Billy Millwee, spoke to the House Public Health and Insurance committees this week regarding the Affordable Care Act. The director has been tracking the trends and effects that the federal health care law has birthed in the state and has come to a promising conclusion. Currently, 74% of the state’s residents have some form of health insurance coverage. Millwee claims that when the Affordable Care Act is fully enacted in 2014, this will jump to 91%. By that time, only 2.3 million Texans will have no…

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Several states await Supreme Court decision before driving forward with insurance exchanges

A number of states have indicated that they aren’t yet pushing ahead on their creation of the insurance exchanges that are required by the Obama Administration’s healthcare overhaul until the Supreme Court has made its decision regarding whether or not that element of the reform is overturned or repealed. The primary concern with this tactic, though, is that by that point, it may be too late to begin working on the insurance exchanges in order to have them in place by the deadline. The Obama Administration will be making the…

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Report shows that employees in California will be paying more for their health insurance coverage

InstantHealthInsuranceQuotes.com, a premium aggregation website, has released a new report that shows how employees in California are beginning to pay more for their insurance coverage. The report suggests that employers are trickling down the cost of coverage to their employees in an attempt to offset the cost of insurance. This is largely due to the rate at which health insurance premiums are rising. Some employers claim that rates are rising to levels that they can no longer support without more help from workers. The company’s report is based on a…

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The answers to frequently asked questions about health insurance rate increases

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Many consumers are facing increases to the insurance premiums that they pay for health coverage every month, and as a result of this, several questions are arising. In response, the industry is working to make information more readily available to help to answer these questions. Some of the more common question include the following: • Does the health care reform overhaul prevent health insurance companies from making their typical annual rate increases? The answer is “no”. However, the health care reforms do force insurance companies to take certain steps to…

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What can you do to reduce your health insurance premiums

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The continued struggle of the economy has forced the country to try to keep healthcare spending down, and has forced many Americans to put off medical care due to financial constraints, but there are some things that can be done to minimize the amount that they spend on health insurance without sacrificing their coverage altogether. Being an informed customer can be a very important step to making sure that you are getting the most coverage at the lowest possible price, and to ensure that you are protected for everything that…

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