2 in 3 Americans don’t understand health insurance options if they lose coverage

Health insurance options - Not knowing options

New research shows that 68 percent don’t know what they could do if their plan wasn’t available. The majority of Americans don’t know what health insurance options are available to them in the incident that they lose their existing coverage. This is a troubling statistic as this scenario is currently an unfortunate reality for millions of Americans. Layoffs resulting from the pandemic have left many people without their employer sponsored health plans. Regardless, only just under 1 in 3 people know the options available to them. The healthinsurance.com survey determined…

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Enroll America embarks on a crusade to raise awareness of health insurance

With election year rapidly approaching, the issue of health care is getting more attention. While reform of the health care system is already well underway, few may be aware of their eligibility for federal health insurance programs. In an effort to raise awareness, Enroll America, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group, is embarking on a new campaign to help people understand the working of the new health care system and how they might be able to receive affordable insurance coverage. The campaign brings together a multitude of hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical…

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