California Health Benefit Exchange supported through new laws

Governor Jerry Brown - California health insurance

Governor passes new laws concerning California Health Benefit Exchange Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a series of legislations designed to prepare the state for the coming of the California Health Benefit Exchange. The exchange program is part of the Affordable Care Act, which tasks states with building their own health insurance marketplace that is filled with affordable policies that are designed to meet the needs of consumers. The laws passed by Governor Brown aim create a positive environment for this exchange program to take root as…

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Enroll America embarks on a crusade to raise awareness of health insurance

With election year rapidly approaching, the issue of health care is getting more attention. While reform of the health care system is already well underway, few may be aware of their eligibility for federal health insurance programs. In an effort to raise awareness, Enroll America, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group, is embarking on a new campaign to help people understand the working of the new health care system and how they might be able to receive affordable insurance coverage. The campaign brings together a multitude of hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical…

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The cost of health insurance for low income families

Although the Affordable Healthcare for America Act by the Obama administration was created in order to make certain that a larger number of Americans will have access to health insurance, many are finding that the premiums are still too costly to be able to afford them. The Act has already gone through some significant improvements since its first creation, especially in terms of Medicare, as it has assisted in lowering those costs. That said, many Americans are still struggling to afford their current health insurance rates or remain without any…

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