People seek out health insurance on the last day of open enrollment

Texas health Insurance companies

Open enrollment has ended, but many sought coverage at the last minute There has been a swell in activity among those looking for health insurance coverage through state-based exchanges on the last day of the open enrollment period. Open enrollment for exchanges ended on February 15, and many people flocked to and visited the physical office of their exchanges in order to acquire coverage. With the open enrollment period now over, consumers will not be able to find health insurance coverage through exchanges, apart from certain circumstances. Texas experiences…

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Health insurance marketing focuses on Generation Y females

health insurance marketing young woman

A massive ad campaign has just launched to try to encourage young women to enroll. A massive advertising effort has started, this week, to help to promote health insurance among the young women who have the greatest likelihood of enrolling for a plan and to encourage a broader range of sign ups. These women are also the most likely to encourage their male counterparts to purchase coverage. Males in Generation Y are seen as high risk takers and are more willing to forgo health insurance coverage. However, it is believed…

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Health insurance campaign launched in Arizona

Arizona Health Insurance

Volunteers seek to raise awareness of health insurance in Arizona Arizona has launched a year-long campaign to promote coverage through its health insurance exchange over the weekend. The state is hoping to raise awareness of the exchange, which could offer affordable coverage to the state’s estimated 1 million people that do not have health insurance protection currently. Enroll America, a national non-profit organization that works with health care and social service agencies, is one of the parties participating in the campaign. Volunteers work to spread information Through Enroll America, volunteers…

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Health insurance may represent a tax risk for consumers

health insurance disclosure tax penalty

Tax risks regarding health insurance begin to attract notice As the Affordable Care Act inches closer to becoming fully enacted, there is no shortage of worry that the federal health care law is generating throughout the country. As insurers warn that health insurance coverage will become more expensive next year and states continue to battle the Affordable Care Act on general principle, the law’s provisions are beginning to show the possibility that they could expose many consumers throughout the country to significant tax risks. Federal law offers subsidies for health…

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Enroll America embarks on a crusade to raise awareness of health insurance

With election year rapidly approaching, the issue of health care is getting more attention. While reform of the health care system is already well underway, few may be aware of their eligibility for federal health insurance programs. In an effort to raise awareness, Enroll America, a nonprofit consumer advocacy group, is embarking on a new campaign to help people understand the working of the new health care system and how they might be able to receive affordable insurance coverage. The campaign brings together a multitude of hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical…

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