Connecticut families could lose their health insurance coverage

Connecticut health Insurance

Proposed budgets makes cuts to the state’s Medicaid program Proposed cuts to Connecticut’s Medicaid program could mean that many people will lose their health insurance coverage. Governor Dannel Malloy has proposed the state’s budget for 2016-2017, which includes changes to Medicaid’s eligibility. The changes would specifically affect the state’s HUSKY A insurance plan, which covers approximately 34,000 people throughout the state. According to an analysis from the Connecticut Health Foundation, the proposed changes would cause many people to drop their health insurance coverage. Families may lose their Medicaid eligibility due…

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Children’s health insurance program in Alabama receives great scores

Children’s Health Insurance Program

A recent study has shown that kids in the state are receiving some of the best coverage in the country. A study has now been released from Georgetown University, which has determined that when it comes to the states throughout the South, it was Alabama that was providing the best children’s health insurance. Alabama also found itself among the leading states in the country for providing those kids’ health plans. The report was created by the Center for Children and Families (CCF) at the university. It explained that children’s health…

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How to Find Affordable Family Health Insurance

Health Insurance exchange

Article brought to you by affordable family health insurance company Freedom Health Insurance Your family is your number one priority.  Their health, happiness, and longevity are imperative and you will do whatever you can to protect them and keep them safe.  To do this, finding a health insurance company that you trust and believe in – health insurance that gives you peace of mind – is a top priority.  Whether you’re looking for private healthcare, government-assisted healthcare, or healthcare through your job, there are many options out there that can…

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Get health insurance quotes to avail a cheap policy!

life insurance online

Healthy lifestyle helps but so does a cheap policy Life has gotten so fast-paced that we seldom have the luxury of time to include exercise. A few health enthusiasts, although, always manage time for exercise, thus keep a fine shape. Lack of exercise makes us more vulnerable to some common illness like high blood pressure, blood sugar, arthritis etc. And then, attack of serious illness can’t be predicted in advance. The best course of action for us is to adopt some proactive measures so that we get a feel of…

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Health insurance costs have risen by 62 percent

Health Insurance rate increases

Family coverage has skyrocketed since 2003, showing the increasing expense for those paying for plans. According to the latest health insurance data from the Commonwealth Fund in a recently released report, the total cost for a family plan – for both employers and for employees – broke the $15,000 mark last year, which represented an increase of 62 percent since 2003. Wages, on the other hand, increased by only 11 percent during that same period of time. The cost of commercial health insurance has undergone an increase in its price…

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