Shows Strategies To Decrease Average Auto Insurance Costs

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“The most fascinating thing about car insurance seems to be their costs” explains Steve, project manager at “So we compiled a new guide, containing the average car insurance costs per state and age in the US and added a good deal of practical measures to improve the insurance score”.

Average data has a limited relevance as premium prices are heavily dependent on a complex combination of both individual and less individual characteristics. Among the individual factors are driving records and history, credit scores, marital status and others. Less individual factors are the year and make of the car to be insured, zip code or the provider.

“Rather than just coming up with average rates, provides a complete guide with proven strategies to lower your policy bills. Our team does not stop with advising readers to just move to another state or grow older” closes Steve.

The complete guide is available at’s news section.

About was founded in early 2012 and is operated from New York. Offering access to auto insurance quotes from multiple, leading providers in all states of the US, the wCar Insurance Calculatorebsite makes it easy
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The websites comes with an extensive news section and information center, empowering insurance shoppers to make smarter choices.

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