3 in 4 female drivers say gender shouldn’t be an auto insurance quote factor

auto insurance - woman driving vehicle

A recent Forbes Advisor survey showed that most drivers feel they are overpaying for their coverage. Nearly 60 percent of American drivers believe that they are overpaying for their auto insurance coverage, according to a survey conducted by a team at Forbes Advisor. The research also examined drivers’ perception of different factors used to calculate premiums. The survey examined the various pricing factors for auto insurance and American drivers’ opinions on the use of those factors to calculate their premiums. The research involved the participation of 2,000 drivers across the…

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CarInsuranceCalculator.info Shows Strategies To Decrease Average Auto Insurance Costs

Car Insurance Calculator

“The most fascinating thing about car insurance seems to be their costs” explains Steve, project manager at CarInsuranceCalculator.info. “So we compiled a new guide, containing the average car insurance costs per state and age in the US and added a good deal of practical measures to improve the insurance score”. Average data has a limited relevance as premium prices are heavily dependent on a complex combination of both individual and less individual characteristics. Among the individual factors are driving records and history, credit scores, marital status and others. Less individual…

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Top Safe Driving Apps List Released By Insurance Panda

InsurancePanda.com Auto Insurance

Insurance Panda, an auto insurance quote comparison website located in Manhattan, NYC, has released a list of the top “safe driving” mobile applications. These apps, which are readily available for devices like the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and iPod, help people stay safe on the road. Application functionality ranges from helping the elderly stay focused while driving to helping young drivers learn how to drive. The InsurancePanda.com list includes apps for drivers of all shapes and sizes. The article posted on InsurancePanda.com states that mobile phones, smartphones, and mobile devices are…

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The difference your vehicle makes to your auto insurance premiums

The type of vehicle you own and wish to insure plays a significant role among the various considerations that are used to calculate the rates that you will be quoted. There are many items that are factored into a rate calculation for car insurance, many of which have to do with the specific type of vehicle you are trying to insure, including the value or price of the vehicle, its popularity, the frequency of its theft, how much it costs to repair and even the way the drivers of those…

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