Shows Strategies To Decrease Average Auto Insurance Costs

Car Insurance Calculator

“The most fascinating thing about car insurance seems to be their costs” explains Steve, project manager at “So we compiled a new guide, containing the average car insurance costs per state and age in the US and added a good deal of practical measures to improve the insurance score”. Average data has a limited relevance as premium prices are heavily dependent on a complex combination of both individual and less individual characteristics. Among the individual factors are driving records and history, credit scores, marital status and others. Less individual…

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Pembroke Pines seeks lower insurance rates for its drivers citing safer streets

Officials of Pembroke Pines, Florida, are petitioning the insurance industry to lower rates on auto insurance due to the safety of the city’s streets. Pembroke Pines is the first city in Florida to seek lower rates from the industry as a whole rather than going through state-run agencies. City officials say that lower rates are well earned because of the safe driving practices of the city’s residents as well as several other measures in place to improve road safety overall. Insurers, however, are unlikely to appease the desires of the…

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Auto insurance fraud comes in different shapes and sizes

According to industry experts, it is not at all uncommon for people to make false claims about their vehicles – from claiming that their luxury cars are farm vehicles to under-stating their mileage – in order to try to keep their car insurance premiums down, which does trickle down and affect the honest consumer. The result of this fraudulent behavior is making it increasingly difficult for a good driver to find auto insurance at a cheaper rate. According to spokesperson, Pete Moraga, from the Insurance Information Network of California, insurers…

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