5.7 magnitude Utah earthquake places spotlight on insurance coverage

Utah earthquake - cracked road

The quake struck the state on Wednesday morning, knocking out power and shaking residents.

The 5.7 magnitude Utah earthquake that struck on Wednesday morning has reminded residents and business owners of the importance of coverage.

Around 55,000 people were left in the dark from power outages in the Salt Lake City Area.

The magnitude of the Utah earthquake was reported by the US Geological Survey, and the power outage figures were released by Rocky Mountain Power.

Local news reports shared that many people in the region were startled by the event and ran into the streets from their homes. Pictures fell from walls and dishes fell from shelves and countertops. Salt Lake City International Airport operations came to a standstill. Both the concourses and the control tower itself evacuated, according to a tweet made on the airport’s official Twitter account. Light rail service for the city and its suburbs were temporarily shut down.

While Utah may have experienced the brunt of the quake, people in Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado and Idaho also reported feeling the ground move. Utah Governor Gary Herbert cautioned people to remain away from Salt Lake City’s downtown core. Crews were dispatched to check for potential damage. That said, the Weather Channel stated that there were no initial injury reports.

The epicenter of the Utah earthquake was in Magna, according to the US Geological Survey.

The quake struck at just after 7 am, local time. There were an estimated 2.76 million people who felt it, according to the same US Geological Survey report. The majority felt the ground shake for around ten to fifteen seconds.

Due to the hour, most people were still in their homes. Once the initial experience had passed, it caused many to wonder whether or not they were covered by earthquake insurance and, if so, what that coverage entailed.

For the vast majority of people, unless they purchased this type of policy separately, any damaged caused by a tremor would not be covered. It is not one of the perils automatically included in a standard homeowners insurance policy. It has, Utah earthquake - cracked roadtherefore, brought Utah earthquake insurance back into the spotlight as homeowners contemplate the risks they face in the event of a stronger quake.

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