Health insurance exchange may not draw as many employers as hoped

Health Insurance time decision

Businesses are expected to opt out, which could lead the cost to rise for those who are participating. Both state and federal officials, as well as consumer advocates, are now beginning to voice concerns that businesses that have workers that are relatively young and healthy will choose to opt out of the health insurance marketplace. This will be done to help to avoid the minimum standards for coverage as prescribed by the healthcare reforms. Though these businesses may choose to try to avoid this health insurance regulation in order to…

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Health insurance in New Jersey is most expensive at the biggest organizations

new jersey health insurance rates

A new study from ADP has found the it is the large companies that pay the most for coverage. The results of the latest research by Automatic Data Processing (ADP) have been released in a recent report, which has indicated that it is the residents of New Jersey who work for large businesses that typically pay the highest amount for their health insurance premiums. This is the case in New Jersey more than in any other state, said the ADP study. The research showed that the average New Jersey employee…

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Health insurance for small businesses still being considered by Walmart

Walmart health Insurance

The retail giant is still deciding whether or not it is interested in entering into that sector of the industry. Though no commitment has yet been made by Walmart, the massive retailer has indicated that it is still considering the option of offering health insurance to small businesses. It has already invested a great deal into its pharmacies, but it is taking care with future steps. Last week, there were discussions about the company’s interest in becoming involved in the small business health insurance sector, which is an area where…

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Health insurance avoided by Wendy’s franchisee by cutting worker hours

Wendy's restaurant health insurance

Full time employees have been dropped back to part time hours so that the franchise won’t have to cover them. It has been revealed that an Omaha, Nebraska owner of a Wendy’s franchise has the intention of slashing the hours of 300 full time employees in order to make them part time workers so that the company can avoid having to provide them with health insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act. The franchise is not required to have to provide part timers with medical benefits, which explains the…

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Health insurance for workers at Olive Garden to improve

Health Insurance for employees at the Olive Garden

Employees have been told that they can expect to see better benefits coming soon. Sears and Darden Restaurants – the company that owns the Olive Garden and Red Lobster chains – has recently revealed their intensions to change the way health insurance benefits will be provided to the workers at those locations. Employees will now have the opportunity to purchase their own plans. The restaurant giant has stated that instead of choosing the plan on behalf of their employees, it will pay them directly in order to allow them to…

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Health insurance rates will experience a slight increase in Massachusetts

Health Insurance rate increases

Though it will be a minor rise, it will still be greater than the quarter before. Individuals and small businesses who will have their health insurance policies renewed on October 1, 2012 should expect to see a base rate increase on their premiums of an average of 2.1 percent on Massachusetts policies. This is a much lower increase than the 5.5 percent the state added to its base rate in 2011. According to the data at the state Division of Insurance, though Massachusetts has been very effective in keeping its…

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Health insurance premiums to increase in company owners’ opinion

Auto Insurance Survey

Survey shows small businesses feel they will be paying more for their plans The results of health insurance research performed by the Small Business Authority have been published into a report that has shown that the owners of companies are expecting their premiums to rise again this year. The SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey was performed in July 2012. The organization’s portfolio contains more than 100,000 business accounts. Its research included the participation of over 1,500 respondents, who gave their opinions and shared their concerns this month. Forty nine percent…

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