Health insurance in New Jersey is most expensive at the biggest organizations

new jersey health insurance rates

new jersey health insurance ratesA new study from ADP has found the it is the large companies that pay the most for coverage.

The results of the latest research by Automatic Data Processing (ADP) have been released in a recent report, which has indicated that it is the residents of New Jersey who work for large businesses that typically pay the highest amount for their health insurance premiums.

This is the case in New Jersey more than in any other state, said the ADP study.

The research showed that the average New Jersey employee who works with a company that employs over 1,000 people will pay approximately $239 per month in premiums for health insurance. The researchers at ADP discovered this trend through an examination of the benefits data from its largest 300 client companies. Comparatively, New Yorkers working for large companies pay an average of $195 for their premiums.

Workers in Arizona pay who work for large companies pay average monthly health insurance premiums of $179.

Though the study performed by the researchers at ADP was quite extensive and used a great deal of available data, the report said that it was not quite clear why there was such a difference from one state to the next in the amount that large company employees were paying for their health insurance.

The average premiums that are paid for health insurance plans take in a number of different factors in their calculations. These include elements such as the coverage provided, the workforce age, and the number of people who receive coverage through a single plan. For instance, workers who are single do not pay nearly as much as those who provide coverage for their entire families through the plans sponsored by their employers.

The ADP study still determined that employers were still paying the majority of the premiums for the health insurance plans for their employees. In New Jersey, for example, large employers paid an average monthly amount of $694 per employee, which makes up 74 percent of the total cost of the coverage.

This report was only the latest of a larger initiative that has been launched by ADP in order to investigate the costs associated with health insurance.

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