NRMA Insurance uses QR code for music-based promotion in bus shelters

QR Code Insurance CampaignNRMA Insurance has launched its latest campaign, which uses QR code technology to help engage mobile device using consumers and encourage them to learn more about the car coverage products available from the insurer.

The campaign is running in Australia, with a barcode posted on bus shelter ads, such as the one located in Sydney just outside the Wynyard Station. The shelter itself has been fitted with stereo speakers, which are connected to the use of the QR codes when they are scanned. When the public scans the QR code and selects a track, it is played over the speakers.

The marketing campaign NRMA Insurance has created is meant to illustrate the point that this insurer, unlike other auto coverage carriers, covers additional elements such as custom sound systems that have been installed into a vehicle.

The QR code automatically redirects individuals who scan it to a Facebook “like” page for the NRMA Insurance company, and allows those mobile device users to download a special app that allows them to choose a track that will play live within that bus shelter.

Some consumers were concerned that geolocation may have been applied to the app, but it was tested from several miles away and the app still played the selected tracks back in the bus shelter. Though this would come as a relief to some consumers who are worried about privacy issues due to geolocation strategies, others wonder why the technology was not applied to the campaign in order to localize the experience.

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