Michigan State University requires its students to purchase health insurance

College Students Health InsuranceMichigan State University has now joined five other schools among the “Big Ten” in adding mandatory health insurance to their requirements for their students.

This regulation will function by requiring new students who are starting school at MSU for the first time to either find their own health insurance policy or be billed by the school, which will then provide the coverage for them.

According to Kent Cassella, a spokesperson from MSU, “We have partnered with Aetna to devise a specific plan, that’s an MSU sponsored plan for $1,505 a year.” Cassella stated that this cost is a fair one, as it will provide students with useful health protection and will keep money in their pockets over the long term.

He added that in January 2012 alone, there were at least 29 students who were enrolled in the school’s health care plan through Aetna, who filed catastrophic event claims. Had those students not been covered by the health insurance plans, they would have faced bills of over $25,000.

Cassella is hoping to assuage the fears of students with worries over being able to afford the insurance, by explaining that because this is a requirement of the school, it means that it is applicable to be entered into a student’s financial aid package, which gives them a greater ability to manage their costs while still receiving necessary care should the need arise.

It is MSU’s hope that within three years, all of their students will have health insurance coverage and they feel that this is an important step toward maintaining a healthy student body.

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