Harleysville Insurance donates $100,000 to North Penn United Way to support new community campaign

Insurance NewsHarleysville Insurance has committed $100,000 to the North Pennsylvania United Way, a non-profit organization that aims to help destitute communities. The money will go to the United Way’s 2012 Step-Up Challenge Match, a new campaign whose goal is to encourage the organization’s donors to contribute more. The campaign will give philanthropists the opportunity to take advantage of the organization’s benefits by allowing them to donate more funds over the course of the next three years.

Sarah Whetstone, executive director of the North Pennsylvania United Way, notes that the funds from Harleysville Insurance is yet more proof of the work insurers are trying to do to improve the lives of the underprivileged. The funds will help the organization expand its ever growing community service ventures. The insurer has also committed to making annual contributions to the organization. Harleysville employees will conduct their own fundraisers for the annual donation and each dollar raised will be matched by the company.

Insurers have long been in the business of recovery and reaction to disastrous events, whether they be health related, environmental or otherwise. More insurers are beginning to take a proactive approach to disasters by looking for ways to strengthen communities and help the destitute improve their lives. While Harleysville is not the first insurance company to donate to a charitable organization, its commitment to the North Pennsylvania United Way is the largest the organization has ever seen from an insurer.

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