How Buying Insurance Online Can Save You Money

Tips on buying insurance online

The insurance industry has been open to a private sector for a while. It has allowed for innovation and a new structure for products and features available when it comes to insurance. One of the most convenient features is the ability to obtain it online. As a tradesman, you have to juggle a lot of tasks and responsibilities, especially if you are self-employed. Therefore, getting your cover online can save you time and most importantly money.  With All Trades Cover, you can explore a range of insurance options from the…

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Auto insurance refund on the way to many customers who bought via car dealer

auto insurance refund Senior Man Driving A Toy Racing Car

Suncorp and Allianz will be repaying $63 million to customers who purchased through dealerships. Allianz and Suncorp are required to pay an auto insurance refund total of $63 million to customers who purchased coverage through their car dealers. The repayment is a part of a crackdown from a corporate watchdog worth $120 million regarding financing and insurance add-ons at dealerships. An investigation was conducted regarding many questionable practices such as car dealer sales tactics. Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) senior exec, Michael Saadat, is responsible for overseeing insurance companies,…

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Health insurance premiums are on the rise in Australia

Australia health Insurance

Large insurers are raising rates by a significant margin Several of Australia’s largest health insurance providers, including Medibank Private Limited and NIB, will be increasing premiums in the coming days. These insurers have been raising premiums annually for the past few years, which has placed many consumers under greater financial pressure. Some of the country’s insurers have also been accused of offering “junk” policies, which offer consumers very limited coverage. With higher premiums and the abundance of these junk policies, many consumers may opt to go without health insurance coverage…

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Cyber insurance is growing in Australia

identity theft cyber insurance

Australian Cyber Security Center highlights the rise of cyber attacks in the country A growing number of companies in Australia are beginning to find solace in cyber insurance protection. According to the Australian Cyber Security Center, the country’s digital networks are experiencing an increase in sophisticated attacks in both the public and private sectors. As such, cyber insurance has become a more important priority for companies that have a significant presence in the digital space. While insurance protection is becoming more coveted, it may not be able to address all…

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Australian government to investigate high homeowners insurance rates

australia ANZ life insurance

Government will be examining the rate at which insurance premiums are growing in Queensland The Australian Federal Government will be investigating the claimed need for higher property insurance rates in Central and Northern Queensland. Those living in these areas have seen their insurance rates grow at an exponential pace, placing them under heavier financial burden than they have experienced in the past. Some federal officials believe that the rate hikes that property owners have experienced are “ridiculous,” and they want to ensure that consumers are being treated fairly. Disasters continue…

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Cyclone program making insurance news in Australia

Austrailia's Cyclone Yasi insurance news

A taskforce is looking into various options such as a reinsurance pool backed by the government. The Abbott government is making insurance news as it considers making financial support available to reduce the premiums that are being paid in certain regions of Australia that are particularly prone to cyclone damage. There have been a number of different potential options presented by the government for this purpose. Among those making the top insurance news include a government-backed reinsurance pool, or a form of coverage specific to cyclones that is provided by…

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Homeowners insurance rates spike following last year’s bushfires

Tasmania Brushfires homeowners insurance

The cost of coverage has soared in Tasmania after the massive disaster of last summer. The massive bushfires in Tasmania that made headlines throughout the summer season, last year, are now having an impact – quite a dramatic one, in fact – on the prices that are being paid for homeowners insurance coverage. Property owners in the Tasmanian region are now seeing considerable increases at the start of this summer. In fact, the homeowners insurance premiums in Tasmania are now rising far higher than people in Western Australia and Victoria,…

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