Which states cost most for car insurance?

Car InsuranceThough vehicles cost essentially the same from one state to the next, the same cannot be said for auto insurance policies.

Some states have rates up to three times higher than others, even when insuring the same driver with the same vehicle for the same coverage. The following are the states with the highest price for car insurance. It is based on data from the Insurance Research Council.

• Michigan is the state with the highest insurance rates in the country. For a 2011 model, the average yearly rate in the state is $2,541. Approximately 19 percent of drivers in the state are uninsured. The state’s no-fault system provides an unlimited amount of medical care. Michigan also has “driver responsibility fees” which can mean that a driver could pay up to hundreds more.

• Louisiana is the second most expensive state in which to insure a car. The average yearly rate for a 2011 model car is $2,453. Approximately 13 percent of the state’s drivers do not have insurance. This state is among many that have a “no pay, no play” law, which caps the amount of damages that drivers without insurance must pay.

• Third most expensive state for purchasing car insurance is Oklahoma, where a 2011 model car will require annual payments of $2,197 in order to be insured. Almost one quarter of all Oklahoma drivers are uninsured. One of the primary claims submitted by drivers is for damage resulting from the common hailstorms that occur within that state.

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