Task force takes on Louisiana auto insurance rates to improve affordability

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Research shows that drivers in the state pay some of the highest car insurance premiums in the country. Louisiana auto insurance rates are among the least affordable in the United States, according to a recent Insurance Research Council (IRC) study. The study was titled: “Auto Insurance Affordability: Cost Drivers in Louisiana”. That said, the Louisiana High Auto Rates Task Force has been working on the challenge of improving affordability since August. The task force has met several times to address the causal factors and propose solutions to the issues. The…

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Louisiana car insurance is the least affordable in the country, says IRC study

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Insurance Research Council data found the state to be the most expensive and has high delinquencies. The Insurance Research Council (I.R.C.) released data from a recent study showing that Louisiana car insurance is the least affordable in the United States. Moreover, the state is also among the highest for payment delinquencies in the country. These details help to show the market challenges faced by buy-here, pay-here vehicle sellers. The study pointed directly at Louisiana car insurance as the least affordable among all American states. The I.R.C. study indicated that there…

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House committee in Louisiana approves electronic proof of auto insurance coverage

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Louisiana legislation approval gives the go ahead on digital proof of auto insurance coverage. The new legislation says that police must accept both the electronic and print card versions of the proof of car insurance. The House Bill 1130, which was sponsored by Rep. Greg Cromer (R-Slidell) received unanimous support from the Committee on Transportation, Highways and Public Works. This vote will send the bill along to the next stage of approval, which consists of a debate on the House floor. Chuck McMains, an insurance industry lobbyist, has stated that insurers are increasingly…

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Ranking the states by the cost of auto insurance coverage

According to the Insure.com study results, which have only just been released, Louisiana is the state in which it is most expensive to insure a vehicle in the entire country, whereas Maine enjoys the lowest insurance rates in the U.S. The average annual cost of insuring a car in Louisiana is $2,536, whereas in Maine the average cost is only $889. The issues that have been driving the rates higher in many states includes the insurance laws within those states, larger numbers of drivers without insurance, the number of different…

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Insure.com releases survey showing where in the U.S. auto insurance is most expensive

Car insurance rates vary wildly from state to state. This is often due to differing regulations throughout the U.S. It is also because driving in some states is more dangerous than driving in others. Insure.com, an online insurance quote system, has conducted a survey to determine where auto insurance is most expensive in the country. The survey has ranked each state in terms of insurance premiums and the availability of affordable plans, using 900 insurance models as a benchmark. The survey found that Louisiana, Oklahoma and Michigan are the leaders…

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Research ranks auto insurance premiums by state and finds uninsured increase costs

An online survey conducted by Insure.com, has shown that drivers in Louisiana, Michigan, and Oklahoma pay highest premiums for auto insurance in the country. On the flip side, Vermont had the lowest car insurance rates, according to the same survey. The findings were based on the rates paid every year by single males who are 40 years old and who commute 12 miles every day to work. This profile would generate a rate of $995 in Vermont, but was much higher in some other states. For example, the same person…

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Which states cost most for car insurance?

Though vehicles cost essentially the same from one state to the next, the same cannot be said for auto insurance policies. Some states have rates up to three times higher than others, even when insuring the same driver with the same vehicle for the same coverage. The following are the states with the highest price for car insurance. It is based on data from the Insurance Research Council. • Michigan is the state with the highest insurance rates in the country. For a 2011 model, the average yearly rate in…

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