Thai uninsured drivers now have a unique affordable auto insurance policy option

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Thaivivat and AIS partnered to attract these motorists with coverage exclusively while driving. Thaivivat, an insurance company in Thailand, has partnered with telco AIS to draw uninsured drivers in the country. The idea is to provide a type of coverage that is affordable through a unique product that is a first of its kind in the world. This auto insurance coverage is unique in that it applies only when the vehicle is in operation. This program to appeal to uninsured drivers is the first on the planet that automatically covers…

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Lack of auto insurance can now be detected through license plates

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Police in Michigan can now run the plates of a vehicle to determine whether or not it is insured. Drivers on the streets of Michigan now have more incentive to ensure that they obtain the legally required auto insurance for their vehicles, as police have just been armed with a new and much easier way to identify uninsured motorists. Simply by running a vehicle’s plates, police are able to know whether or not there is an insurance policy present. The technology will become available to police officers in mid-September and…

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Insurance law that fines uninsured Louisiana drivers cause anger

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These high penalties have caused some residents of the state to call this new regulation unfair. A new insurance law has now gone into effect in Louisiana, which is designed to deter drivers from heading out onto the road while uninsured, but some residents of the state are now calling it unfair, as the penalties associated with it are quite high. Previously, the fine for driving without any auto insurance had been a small, one-time fee. However, drivers are now discovering that this insurance law means business. The fee now…

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Many drivers in Colorado lack auto insurance

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Lack of insurance coverage is becoming a problem that needs attention Auto insurance is a problem in Colorado. The number of uninsured drivers on the state’s roadways is growing every year and this is a significant issue when considering the frequency of vehicular accidents. It is likely that a single driver will be involved in as many as four accidents during their life. In most cases, auto insurance coverage will handle the issue relatively quickly. Accidents become significantly more complicated if the other party does not have insurance coverage. One…

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Auto insurance is not covering 1 in 6 drivers in Colorado

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The number of motorists in the state who are uninsured is already considerable and now it is growing. According to recent statistics, the number of drivers who are using their vehicles along the streets and highways in Colorado but who do not have auto insurance policies is high and it is growing. Insurance industry stats say drivers will be in three to four crashes in their driving years, making coverage critical. These statistics cover everything from tiny fender benders to massive multi-vehicle pileups. When in Colorado, this situation becomes even…

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