Auto insurance is lacking among a growing number of Ohio drivers

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Over the last 10 years, the number of uninsured motorists caught has risen by over 409,000. Since 2002, the number of drivers without auto insurance that have been caught without coverage has increased from 690,716 to 1.1 million. Many are concerned that this is driving rates unnecessarily skyward. It is the motorists who are following the state law and who have been maintaining their auto insurance coverage who are now paying for the ever increasing number of uninsured drivers using Ohio’s roads. Despite the fact that they may not be…

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Auto insurance system in Alabama to crack down on uninsured drivers

Alabama auto insurance

Hundreds of thousands of motorists without coverage could be identified. A new system in Alabama has been designed to catch approximately 900,000 motorists in the state who do not have auto insurance. This system was created to help to make sure that drivers are abiding by the state’s coverage laws. The program should go into effect as of January 1, 2012. This will be the start of a statewide crackdown effort to help to stop the common occurrence of traffic accidents in which one or all involved parties are not…

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Alabama auto insurance law cracks down on uninsured drivers

Proof of Auto Insurance

New auto insurance regulation may make Alabama roads safer In Alabama, a new auto insurance regulation is scheduled to take effect January 1, 2013, which will institute a new system that will make it more difficult for drivers without insurance coverage to be on the road. The new system is expected to crack down on the 900,000 vehicles registered in the state that do not have any kind of auto insurance coverage. According to state law, drivers must maintain liability insurance coverage, but Alabama has been struggling to make sure…

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Mississippi House faces another attempt for online computer checks for car insurance

The Mississippi House is yet again moving ahead with a proposal to establish online computer checks to make certain that motorists are covered by car insurance. Last year, former Governor Haley Barbour vetoed a similar measure. Insurance Research Council data from 2009 shows that Mississippi is the state with the highest portion of uninsured drivers in the country, having reached 28 percent. In fact, that is twice as high as the Council’s national average for uninsured drivers. This latest measure was sponsored by Gary Chism (R-Columbus), the House Insurance Committee…

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Research ranks auto insurance premiums by state and finds uninsured increase costs

An online survey conducted by, has shown that drivers in Louisiana, Michigan, and Oklahoma pay highest premiums for auto insurance in the country. On the flip side, Vermont had the lowest car insurance rates, according to the same survey. The findings were based on the rates paid every year by single males who are 40 years old and who commute 12 miles every day to work. This profile would generate a rate of $995 in Vermont, but was much higher in some other states. For example, the same person…

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Illinois introduces heavier penalties for uninsured motorists

Following a battle that was started by one woman in Illinois who was almost killed in an accident with an uninsured driver, the state has now introduced stricter penalties for motorists without insurance. Recent data from a survey by the Insurance Research Council has showed that 15 percent of drivers within the state don’t have insurance. The accident that started the ball rolling on the change in regulation occurred in June 2010. The woman in question was Ashley Lacey, who was in an accident with a car that didn’t have…

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A growing number of uninsured drivers are on today’s roads

Data from the Missouri Department of Revenue has shown that between July of 2010 and the same month of 2011, that state experienced over 6,000 collisions involving drivers who are not insured, and this figure continues to grow. That data is representative of a trend that is happening in many areas across the country. As is that reported by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, which showed that there were over 22,000 citations for failure to provide proof of automobile insurance – a legal requirement in the state – in 2010.…

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