Allstate eases delivery driver insurance terms in Oklahoma

Delivery Driver Insurance - Person driving car

As the need for reliable deliveries skyrockets, those using personal vehicles enjoy loosened coverage rules. Allstate has voluntarily relaxed its regulations for delivery driver insurance for individuals using their personal vehicles for commercial reasons, said the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner. The goal is to make it easier for people to receive food and medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Oklahoma Insurance Department has stated that Allstate alerted regulators of its decision. The insurer wanted to ensure that delivery driver insurance was in place. This way, workers would be properly covered when…

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Price optimization being used by auto insurance companies in Oklahoma is coming under fire

auto insurance car

State senator aims to put price optimization to rest Oklahoma drivers have been seeing their auto insurance premiums steadily grow over the past few years, and one of the state’s legislators want to put an end to a practice that has contributed to this problem. In Oklahoma, many insurers use price optimization as a way to price coverage, which leverages a consumer’s credit score as a factor in determining premiums. Senator Rob Standridge intends to introduce new legislation that will prevent insurers from using price optimization. Senator to introduce new…

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New auto insurance law in Oklahoma may not be an effective solution

traffic car auto insurance

New law aims to encourage drivers to purchase insurance coverage, but it may not be successful A new law has been passed in Oklahoma that allows the state’s law enforcement to seize the vehicle tags of uninsured drivers. The law allows for these vehicle tags to be held for extended periods of time, forcing the vehicle’s owner to pay for insurance coverage every day that the vehicle is being held. The vehicle is released when its driver acquires private auto insurance coverage. The law may be a hit or miss…

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The Oklahoma homeowners insurance industry loses another company

Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance

The Oklahoma homeowners insurance marketplace has now lost its fifth company this year. As the threat of severe weather approached the state from the Kansas boarder yet again, the Oklahoma homeowners insurance industry received news that yet another insurer has decided not to continue selling or renewing policies there. This is not the first time that this type of insurance news has been made within the state this year. In fact, it is the fifth announcement of its kind since the start of 2012. It appears that the state is…

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Ranking the states by the cost of auto insurance coverage

According to the study results, which have only just been released, Louisiana is the state in which it is most expensive to insure a vehicle in the entire country, whereas Maine enjoys the lowest insurance rates in the U.S. The average annual cost of insuring a car in Louisiana is $2,536, whereas in Maine the average cost is only $889. The issues that have been driving the rates higher in many states includes the insurance laws within those states, larger numbers of drivers without insurance, the number of different…

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