Swinton Bike Insurance gives motorcyclists winter preparedness advice

Motorcycle InsuranceAs winter makes its way closer, Swinton Bike Insurance is offering motorcycle riders some useful tips to help keep themselves safe and to help minimize the risk of a collision while they’re on the roads.

This top motorcycle insurance broker has been providing coverage from many years and knows that though many people choose to store their motorcycles throughout the winter months, many people can enjoy these vehicles year round as long as they take the right precautions.

These include:

• Wearing appropriate clothing to stay warm against frigid winds, making sure that if a one piece suit is not being worn, the two pieces overlap very well.

• Taking additional care to ride well within the driver’s own limits as there is significantly less grip on the roads in the winter months, even when the road isn’t icy. Riders should give themselves more time to arrive at their destinations than they would in the warmer months.

• Putting on clothing with higher visibility, as there are fewer daylight hours in the winter. The more gear that can be worn with reflective strips, the better.

• Doing a “P.O.W.D.E.R.” before each use of the vehicle:
 Power – make sure that you have enough fuel in the take for the full journey, plus a little more to cover unforeseen circumstances.
 Oil – check the level and color of the oil.
 Water – if applicable, make sure there’s enough water in your radiator.
 Drive – make sure that the oil levels on drive shafts are adequate and that the chain isn’t slack.
 Electronics – make sure that your indicators, lights, and horn are all fully functional.
 Rubber – make certain that you have proper tires for the time of the year (keeping in mind that all season tires will freeze at a certain temperature and won’t grip the road) and that they are not worn.

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