What does windshield insurance cover?

Know what coverage you have – and need – in the case of cracked glass, hail, and similar damage.

Many drivers don’t realize how important windshield insurance is, simply assuming that it’s on them to pay for it out-of-pocket if the glass breaks. 

Make sure you know where you have coverage and when to file a broken glass claim.

Windshield insurance is an important part of an auto policy. It will decide how much you will need to shell out if your glass becomes broken, pitted or cracked.  Repairing or replacing the glass is extremely important, and the sooner you do something about it, the better.  After all, a chip will nearly never stay in that state forever, and a crack will only grow and spread. 

Unfortunately, damaged windshields simply cannot do their jobs properly.  What may look like an expensive nuisance is actually a serious safety issue in your car. When you get to know how many functions this glass provides, you’ll better understand why you need to operate a vehicle only with a fully in-tact windshield. 

The glass between you and the road protects you, your passengers, and the rest of the interior of the vehicle from wind, water, stones, sand, snow, and other debris from the road.  That said, it also protects you from other objects that could be dangerous if they were to strike you.  Moreover, it helps to support the roof in case of rollover or crushing event from above. In fact, it is also important to the proper deployment of air bags.

When does it make sense to file a windshield insurance claim on your auto policy?

California Allstate agent Kimberley Ellison has offices in the Los Angeles suburb area of Santa Clarita. Questions about broken windshield claims are a regular part of her day.  One of her top recommendations is always to act quickly instead of waiting.  The primary reason is that as long as they’re small enough, many glass claims can be free to repair. 

“If the damage is smaller than a quarter, has not spread, and is handled early, then most likely it can be repaired and the customer is not subject to their deductible,” explained Ellison. The key is to make sure the damage doesn’t have the opportunity to grow and spread to the point that the glass must be replaced instead of being repaired.

She went on to explain that Ellison’s Allstate insurance agency is proud of having one of the fastest claims processes for glass.  Customer feedback on windshield insurance claims have been consistently excellent.  In fact, the glass repair service will even go to the client at home or work to do the repair.

Is it worth it to make sure you have solid windshield insurance coverage?

This is a convenience and savings that shouldn’t be shrugged off.  If you were to skip filing a claim and pay for the repair out of pocket, it would typically cost around $60 to $100 for one chip.  Larger chips and cracks are more expensive.  A full replacement’s cost depends on the make and model.  

A Honda Accord, for example, usually costs around $250 to $300, whereas the cost will be around $350 to $400 for a BMW X6. That cost will only rise in vehicles with advanced driver assistance system, particularly if features such as safety cameras need to be re-positioned. They cost around $1,500.

When you have the right windshield insurance in your auto policy, you can file a claim to cover some – if not all – the costs of the damage to this integral part of your vehicle. </span

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