What does windshield insurance cover?

Know what coverage you have – and need – in the case of cracked glass, hail, and similar damage. Many drivers don’t realize how important windshield insurance is, simply assuming that it’s on them to pay for it out-of-pocket if the glass breaks.  Make sure you know where you have coverage and when to file a broken glass claim. Windshield insurance is an important part of an auto policy. It will decide how much you will need to shell out if your glass becomes broken, pitted or cracked.  Repairing or…

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Are car insurance rates higher in urban minority neighborhoods

Car Insurance rates

A recent study suggests that they are, but the research report has been accused of producing flawed findings. A new car insurance rates study has been published by ProPublica and Consumer Reports. It suggests urban neighborhoods populated primarily by minorities pay higher auto insurance premiums than comparable communities of lower minority populations. However, an insurance industry group has accused the report’s findings of being flawed and misleading. The study used car insurance rates data from California, Texas, Missouri and Illinois. The data was broken down by ZIP code and claims…

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Factors influencing auto policy premiums are a mystery to most drivers

expensive auto insurance policy car

A recent J.D. Power study showed that many motorists don’t know what will impact their bill. J.D. Power recently released the results of a study that they conducted which showed that the majority of vehicle owners don’t have an accurate understanding of the factors that will cause their auto policy premiums to change. This lack of understanding could be causing these consumers to pay too much for their coverage. At a time in which the cost of an auto policy is already rising in many places, it is important for…

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Auto insurance rates are headed up due to claims and litigation

Louisiana Auto Insurance rates

The drivers in Louisiana are familiar with rising premiums, and now they are given another reason why. An auto insurance rates study has added some confirmation for residents in Louisiana who have been wondering why their premiums have been steadily rising and are now continuing to do so. The study didn’t necessarily discover anything new but it did prove what had previously been believed. What it found was that in a state where the auto insurance premiums are recognized as among the highest in the country – particularly in Baton…

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Auto insurance requirements set to rise in Arizona

arizona auto insurance

Arizona lawmakers aim to raise the insurance requirements for the states drivers The minimum level of auto insurance coverage is about to rise in Arizona. A new legislation has been introduced that would require drivers to purchase additional coverage and pay higher rates. The legislation seeks to mitigate the risks that exist in the state. The minimum auto insurance level has not been changed for the past 42 years and lawmakers suggest that the current insurance requirements are no longer adequately protecting the state’s residents from accidents and other issues.…

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Don’t Let Insuring Your Teen Driver Break the Bank

Teen Drivers

Teen driver insurance information for every parent. One of the most exciting and terrifying moments for any parent comes the first time you hand your teen the keys to the family car and watch them drive away alone.  You trust your child, and you’ve either taught them well or hired a professional to do so.  Still, there may not be anything quite as scary as the moment when those taillights disappear from view. Having a solid automobile insurance policy for your teen driver is more than just a good idea. …

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Auto insurance consumers feel the pain of whiplash in their wallets

auto insurance whiplash cost

The largest insurer in the United Kingdom has revealed the cost of the condition on monthly premiums. Aviva, the U.K.’s largest auto insurance company, has just revealed the impact that whiplash claims have on the monthly premiums paid by policyholders, showing that they pay an average of £118 more per year as a result of that issue, alone. The insurer has also stated that it believes that handling claims directly could reduce costs by £1.5 billion. According to the auto insurance company, since October 2008, premiums have increased by 80…

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