Tips on Improving an Insurance Agents Business in the Year 2013

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Insurance Agents MarketingInsurance Agents…time to dust off the ol’ website!

This year most insurance agency owners must take a few steps to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors in the market. This article aims at discussing five of the crucial steps that will help an insurance agent site retain their old customers and attract new ones in the year 2013.

Modernizing the Insurance Website

One must remember that the customers will always want to get acquainted with an agent who can present themselves in a better way. The appearance of the website has a major role in helping the customer make decision. In case the agent is still running an old website that has gone stale, you should consider updating the website at the very beginning of the year- there is no point waiting! However, you must make certain considerations. Every page must consist of at least 400 words in content. A search engine will read a page either top to bottom or left to right. Therefore, you would need to put your best product first. There’s no need to use templates. Why use them when you have themes. Make your site look as unique as the business itself. Prepare content for consumers and not for search engines. And remember to include the company’s blogs and social media links at the top area of your website.

The Agent’s Blog

As we know, the blog is basically the short term for web log. One can share a lot of ideas and information about their products and services through their blog posts. Agents can thus put up the newer policy information, lowered rate of interests, any new coverage, as well as the product of the month – like life insurance in September. This platform is great to let your clients and potential customers know about up to date insurance information. It shall also add fresh content to the site. A search engine is always on the hunt for newer content.

Create and Upload Videos

Irrespective of the year, the video format always remains important. It is time to get use to the idea of using videos to publicize your services and products. In addition, the search engines are in love with videos! Search engine optimization becomes far more effective with videos. Sites with more relevant videos appear in the SERP lists in the first places and hence a lot more traffic will be directed towards the site.

Mobile Website

This concept has been in the air for the past few years. However, the fact remains that just 15% of the insurance agent’s website traffic are derived through mobile devices. You can implement this concept on a hard and fast basis from this year. Search made through a mobile phone will obviously outdo the number of searches made through a desktop or a laptop in no time. This is because the number of mobile phone users is much more than the number of PC users. It is important to make sure the guideline set for the mobile phone users include the right contact details of the insurance agents. Try to use fewer pictures as possible. This way you can ensure that, the loading time of your mobile site is quick and not bogged down with useless images.

Press Releases

The online world is tough but the insurance online world is even tougher! Getting traffic can be daunting but many insurance agency owners are opting for the ease of a press release. Consider this, over 80 million people are grabbing their daily news on the internet, sending out a monthly press release can bring considerable traffic to your site…a day! Every month there is a new event that insurance agents can inform the reader base about, for example: in the summer time, a pool safety campaign launched by your agency will let your existing clients, as well as, new clients know that your company is proactive within the residential and online community. Press releases are not just for the big companies anymore so consider putting media news into this year’s marketing ideas.

On a concluding note, it can be said that these are some of the specific ways that will help an insurance agent’s website remain ahead of the competitors.

Author’s Bio: Alisa Martin is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Currency Exchange focuses on Finance bloggers.

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