The insurance industry in Japan offers unique Valentine’s Day coverage

Insurance agents industry valentine's day

Insurance industry valentine's day This product is available for consumers in the country who want to make certain that they’re covered on the day.

In Japan, the insurance industry is helping people to lower their risk of coming up empty handed on Valentine’s Day, with a new policy that is designed to ensure that policyholders always have something to receive on the most romantic day of the year.

Consumers who purchase this policy will never find themselves without a box of chocolates.

This unique addition to the insurance industry in Japan is designed to reflect the Valentine’s Day practices within that country. The Japanese, similar to the people of South Korea, observe the holiday differently than the way that it is traditionally practiced in western countries. In those eastern nations, it is women who buy candy, chocolates, and other gifts for men.

This small insurance industry coverage makes sure that those with policies won’t be found without chocolates.

It is the first half of a balance that is returned a month later on March 14, which is called “White Day”, in which men then buy gifts for women. It is likely that the insurance industry will take steps toward coverage for that holiday, as well, if the Valentine’s Day product proves to be a successful one.

In Japan, giving chocolates is very important on Valentine’s Day. Men look forward to receiving them from women to see how popular and desirable they are, based on the number they receive. However, if they don’t receive any, then it can be embarrassing and quite difficult on a man’s self esteem. It is in this area that the insurance industry has provided a policy to help men to keep up their spirits.

Even if the policyholders don’t happen to receive chocolates from any women, they will still be seen receiving at least one box when their policy “payout” arrives. The coverage is relatively inexpensive, at $5.50. Then, if it looks as though there won’t be any chocolates headed arriving from real women, then the insurance industry takes over by delivering a box that is signed from a woman whose name is “Rieko”. While some men are taking out a single policy, others are purchasing several, to boost the impression that they give of being popular.

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