Get Your Home in Shape for Winter

Winter Home Care insurance companies external battery charger

Frozen and burst pipes are of the highest home insurance claims and most frequently occurring source of damage, notes the Insurance Information Network of California. Yet many homeowners don’t know how common this problem is and don’t think their pipes could burst in the winter, causing expensive damage. This and other cold-weather problems can be prevented with a small amount of preventative maintenance as part of a fall cleanup. This year, spend a weekend ensuring that you, your garden and your home weather winter’s chill with ease by preparing your…

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Four Things You Need to do Immediately After a Car Accident

Car Insurance rates

Car accidents occur almost every day in Baton Rouge. Some are very minor while others are far more serious. Personal health and safety are a priority after an accident. Anyone who needs medical attention should call an ambulance immediately. All parties should also get out of the street quickly to a safe location nearby. Anyone involved in a car accident should take four additional steps once all parties are out of the way of harm. 4. Document The Scene The scene of an accident in Baton Rouge is likely to…

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Auto Insurance State Minimums – Why You Should Carry More Coverage

florida no fault car insurance

Car insurance can be one of the most frustrating bills a person pays every month (or six) but it truly is one of the most important. At its core, insurance is designed to insulate an individual, family or business from possible financial hardship due to a loss. However, too often people are driving around with the absolute bare minimum insurance, not realizing that their entire world could get flipped upside down with just a relatively minor accident. Insurance Minimums Explained Insurance is governed at the state level, so each of…

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Tips on Improving an Insurance Agents Business in the Year 2013

Insurance Marketing

Insurance Agents…time to dust off the ol’ website! This year most insurance agency owners must take a few steps to ensure that they stay ahead of their competitors in the market. This article aims at discussing five of the crucial steps that will help an insurance agent site retain their old customers and attract new ones in the year 2013. Modernizing the Insurance Website One must remember that the customers will always want to get acquainted with an agent who can present themselves in a better way. The appearance of…

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Hurricane Sandy victims suffer long wait for insurance adjusters

Hurricane Sandy Damage flood Insurance surcharge

Hurricane Sandy brings significant delays to claims processing Hurricane Sandy may be gone, but its impact is expected to be felt well into the future. Homeowners affected by the powerful storm have been struggling with their insurance providers. Insurance adjusters were deployed ahead of the storm to help manage claims and make sure everything was processed in a quick and efficient manner. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy has proven to be more problematic than insurers had previously expected. Insurance adjusters are now telling victims that it could take more than two weeks…

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Renters insurance customers can risk losing coverage

Renters Insurance

Tenants who sublet their space may not be permitted in their policies. The growing number of people who are leasing apartments and are holding off buying homes has also increased the number of renters insurance policyholders that are risking their coverage by taking actions that are not allowed by the terms of their policies. Subletting is a common activity but is not one that is typically allowed in a policy. According to the statistics collected by a commercial real estate firm, Reis Inc., the average cost of rent in the…

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Insurance news for auto and homeowners shows roommates impact coverage

Insurance news for roommate insurance

The I.I.I. has released data showing the repercussions of cohabitation. The Insurance Information Institute has released its most recent insurance news, which involves the impact of the growing number of people in the United States who are living together as roommates or unmarried partners. One in eight American households include two or more non-related people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the current statistics show that over the decade from the year 2000 to 2010, there has been an increase of 5 percent in this living situation. This suggests that…

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