Four Things You Need to do Immediately After a Car Accident

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Car accidents occur almost every day in Baton Rouge. Some are very minor while others are far more serious. Personal health and safety are a priority after an accident. Anyone who needs medical attention should call an ambulance immediately. All parties should also get out of the street quickly to a safe location nearby. Anyone involved in a car accident should take four additional steps once all parties are out of the way of harm.

4. Document The Scene

The scene of an accident in Baton Rouge is likely to change in the hours or days after leaving the area. One of the most important steps is to document the scene as completely as possible. This is especially valuable if there is any dispute about what just occurred. Taking numerous pictures of the street and surrounding area will capture the conditions at that moment. Pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident as well as all damage sustained are necessary. The names, phone numbers and addresses of witnesses will help later when dealing with insurance. Video of the scene is useful in addition to clear pictures.

3. Exchange Information

Information must be exchanged between all of the parties involved in the accident. This is necessary forCar Accident Insurance insurance claim purposes. It is also good information to have if a problem occurs later. The best course of action is to ask the other driver for a license that proves the name supplied is not false. The license plate number should be recorded as well. This is necessary since some people in Baton Rouge might attempt to provide false information in order to avoid litigation or increased insurance premiums.

2. Remain Silent About Details

One of the most important things to do after a car accident is to remain silent about the details. The details of the accident should not be discussed with anyone but the police officer that arrives to take a report. When hiring an injury attorney Baton Rouge drivers have a better chance of winning a disputed case if no information is divulged beforehand. Even an innocent conversation with the other driver involved could result in unintentional admissions or statements that seem to indicate fault. No discussions about what occurred during the car accident should take place with anyone but an attorney, the police and the insurer.

1. Call The Police

Anyone who is involved in a car accident in Baton Rouge must call the police immediately. The police will arrive and take statements from everyone at the scene. This provides official documentation. Calling the police is important because insurance companies often do not acknowledge an accident claim unless there is an accompanying police report. Similarly, not calling the police to the scene could inadvertently sabotage a personal injury case against the other driver.

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