AT&T to sell smartphone insurance for broken phone screens

smartphone insurance

This coverage will be available for owners of any of eight models of mobile devices. AT&T has announced that it will be selling smartphone insurance to cover a limited number of device models. This policy is designed to be somewhat different than the standard cell phone coverage. The broken phone screen insurance from AT&T will let customers obtain same day repairs. Overall, the smartphone insurance from AT&T sounds like the traditional form of coverage. Should the mobile device screen break, the company – and its insurance provider, Asurion – will…

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Cell phone insurance data shows massive spending on repairs and replacements

Cell Phone Insurance

Owners of the new iPhone 5 wonder whether coverage will help protect them from high costs. The iPhone 5’s massive success in its release last week didn’t come as a surprise to anybody, but it has left the owners of these cutting edge devices wondering whether they should purchase cell phone insurance to protect them against the cost of loss, theft, or damage. Consumers spend billions repairing broken devices and on replacements and deductibles. In fact, according to the consumer electronics protection plan provider, SquareTrade’s data, since the iPhone first…

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It’s not just about your home, auto and life insurance policies anymore

pet insurance

Why specialty insurance is on the rise in the U.S. In a country where many people don’t have health insurance, it might seem surprising that specialty insurance is on the rise. However, it’s also a country where people treat their pets like family and their iPhone like personal assistants. As people weigh the cost/benefit of insuring what they love in their lives, more and more of them are deciding that they’d rather be safe than sorry. Here are five reasons why specialty insurance is on the rise. *1) Pets are…

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Mobile commerce in the insurance industry is about to take off

Mobile Commerce

Ensquared is prepared for an explosion of smartphone adoption and online shopping. Leading smartphone and iPhone insurance authority, Ensquared, has announced the results of its latest customer and industry data analysis and has announced that American mobile commerce will truly be taking off within the upcoming two to five years. As a result, they also say that tablet and cell phone insurance will also skyrocket. Though the United States is never a world leader in terms of mobile commerce and devices, it is about to take on a leadership role…

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Ensquared predicts sharp increase in Apple mobile device insurance

The leading device insurance authority, Ensquared, has predicted another spike in the number of policies purchased in the near future for iPad and iPhone mobile devices. The reason that they expect so many people to purchase these policies throughout the holiday season is that the devices themselves are considered to be the hot gift during that period of time. Shortly after the recipient obtains the device, many of them will then look into buying coverage for it, just in case it should ever by damaged, lost, or stolen. As the…

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