Supreme Court orders briefings ahead of health care showdown

 Health Care Reform NewsIn November, the Supreme Court announced that it would be hearing cases regarding the Affordable Care Act. Appeals from 26 states regarding the matter will come to a conclusion once the high court determines whether the health care law is constitutional. Before judicial proceeding can commence, however, the Supreme Court has ordered briefings regarding the issue. Those involved in the case are being called to explain their position and offer their perspective on the constitutionality of the health care law.

To date, the Supreme Court has agreed to consider questions regarding whether Congress had overstepped its boundaries in enacting a mandate for health insurance. The mandate requires all U.S. citizens to have some kind of health insurance by 2014 or face daunting fines. The court will also determine whether the law, as a whole, can survive without the mandate. If the law can survive without the mandate, the court may wait until after the mandated is enacted in 2014 before allowing challenges to the law to continue.

Briefings will begin in January 2012. One side of the argument will be presented to justices, who will dissect the information they are given in order to apply it to the overall case. In February, the opposition will present their views on the case. Final briefings will be held in March, at which point the Supreme Court will schedule a date for hearings on the health care law.

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