Health care reform marketing isn’t reaching some ethnic groups

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Certain communities, such as Latinos, have not been enrolling in the exchanges as much as others. According to the latest data from the health care reform enrollments, Latinos are the ethnic group in the United States that has the greatest amount to gain from purchasing insurance plans but are also the group that are among the least likely to actually sign up. At least one in every three Latinos in the United States do not have health insurance. This is a far greater rate of enrollments among the Caucasians and…

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Over half of current individual plans aren’t up to the 2014 health care reform standards

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Most of the medical coverage being sold to individuals are falling short of the “essential benefits” requirements. Over half of all Americans who have purchased their coverage through the individual insurance marketplace currently have policies that are not up to the health care reform essential benefits standards. Equally, the majority of employer group medical plans have less cost sharing and more comprehensive coverage. The issue at hand is that although the Affordable Care Act, which will go into full effect in January 2014 as long as it is not overturned…

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What happens if the Obama healthcare reforms are overturned?

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the arguments regarding whether or not the Obama administration’s overhaul of the healthcare system is constitutional, but now that they’re over and the waiting process for the Court’s decision is under way, people have started to wonder what will happen if the law is overturned. The problem is that the system that came before the overhaul still wasn’t getting the job done. Millions of Americans will remain uninsured, and either unable to afford coverage or unable to obtain it because they have pre-existing…

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Increase in visits to emergency rooms causes health insurance changes

A new study has indicated that Americans who have either gained new health insurance or who have lost their coverage make more emergency room visits than people who have had a continuous insured or uninsured status. The results of the study are causing some concern, as the healthcare overhaul will be requiring an additional 32 million Americans to become newly insured by 2014. At the same time, the study findings have also indicated that the number of trips to the emergency room do tend to even out when a person’s…

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Survey shows that challenges facing states in building health insurance exchanges

A new survey conducted by the KPMG Government Institute, an analysis organization that focuses on government policy and legislative trends, provides some insight on some of the challenges facing states in their efforts to build a health insurance exchange. The survey draws upon information provided by 80 state officials from throughout the country. These officials offered information on why health insurance exchanges seem to be such a troublesome issue. The common consensus boils down to cost. The survey suggests that insurance exchanges may be too expensive for some states, even…

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