Statewide brings contractor insurance services into Washington state

Contractor InsuranceLeading general liability insurance, commercial vehicle coverage, workers compensation and bonds provider for contractors, Statewide Insurance Brokers, has announced that it has broadened its contractor insurance offerings to include Washington State.

The insurer has been providing these products to thousands of contractors of all forms from painters to electricians, since 1995. Today, Statewide Insurance is operating in seven states – Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Minnesota, and California – but has plans for widening. According to one of the company’s senior underwriters, Lana Matar, demand is what is fueling their growth.

Matar pointed out that the reason for this is that they offer rates that are very competitive, saying “We specialize in servicing contractors and have created key industry alliances that allow us to provide excellent quality coverage at exceptionally low insurance costs.”

She also added that it is just this specialization in insurance products designed for the unique needs of contractors, in addition to their high business volume, that makes it possible for Statewide Insurance to offer prices that their competitors are simply unable to match.

This has been made much more possible by the changes that were made by the Department of Labor and Industries that gave contractors the ability to use an electronic system for the submission of their necessary proof of insurance documents – known as general liability insurance certificates.

The Department of Labor and Industries points out that in Washington state, all contractors must have a bond and liability insurance and must have completed a registration with the department.

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